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Does Chapter 13 Affect Title Loans?

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Yes, declaring Chapter 13 bankruptcy affects how you can get a title loan. While LoanMart cannot take on a borrower who is currently declaring bankruptcy, we can help you after your bankruptcy process is complete. LoanMart can accept a borrower who has bankruptcy in their past1.

What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy? A process meant to eliminate the debt of the debtor (the person filing for bankruptcy). Typically, the debtor will make payments to a Chapter 13 Trustee for about anywhere from 36 to 60 months. This Chapter 13 Trustee will then distribute these payments to the debtor’s creditors who have properly filed claims.

Are There Lenders Who Can Work with Someone After Bankruptcy?

Getting lending after declaring bankruptcy can be difficult with traditional lenders. Using a non-traditional lender can be your only option. After you have gone through bankruptcy, getting funding from car title loans in Texas and many other states can be one of the best decisions for your financial state. When you use a secured loan vs an unsecured loan, you can carefully get funds for any of your financial needs. Getting a secured loan like a car title loan can help you get your finances back on track before you undergo any other major financial endeavors.

For liability reasons, LoanMart cannot accept a borrower if they are currently undergoing the process of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, once you have finished the bankruptcy process, we may be able to work with you. When you finish paying off your title loan, you may have a positive report on your credit history. It is still possible to receive approval for a title loan even if you have bankruptcy in your past. LoanMart won’t set you up with a loan that you are unprepared for. We can work with you to create terms that are reasonable for your new financial situation. We work with you because LoanMart wants your title loan to help you thrive.

Who is LoanMart?

LoanMart is one of the best title loan lenders in the industry. We have been a top-rated lender for over a decade. Why? Because LoanMart isn’t just a title loan lender, WE ARE A LENDING COMPANY THAT CARES ABOUT YOU.

  • LoanMart takes the initiative in encouraging community teamwork
  • LoanMart loves to give back to the community to show you how much we appreciate your business.
  • LoanMart is a company who takes pride in quality customer service

At LoanMart, YOU are at the heart and soul of what we do. We are dedicated to identifying and addressing your needs every single day. We even have experienced LoanMart representatives available 7 days a week with extended hours just for your convenience.

LoanMart’s Dependability

LoanMart is also a company you can count on. We won’t leave you hanging for basic information like most lenders might. When you fill out our quick 5-minute info request, you can find out if you are approved for a title loan right away. Don’t spend days worrying and waiting by the phone to see if you are approved for the loan you need.

Since 2002, LoanMart has been a leader in non-traditional lending. We have acquired a network of 150,000 satisfied customers over the years, and we LOVE THE RELATIONSHIP we have with them2Check out our customer testimonial page to see the different ways a LoanMart title loan has changed the lives of some of our clients.

While you are never required to tell us how you spent your LoanMart title loan money, many of our customers have chosen to share their stories with us to show others just how helpful a LoanMart title loan can be.

  • LoanMart can get you your money FAST

The LoanMart title loan process is designed to be efficient and streamlined. This means that you can get your money in a timely fashion when you go with LoanMart. You can even receive your money as soon as the next business day3!

The sooner you fill out your information request and get in contact with your LoanMart title loan agent, the sooner we can get your information and documents processed. Get your money when you need it! Click the “APPLY NOW” link located on our home page to begin right now and feel the LoanMart difference in your life tomorrow3. You can reach 800LoanMart at 1-855-422-7412.

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