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Where to Get Alabama Title Loan Estimates

If you’re looking to get an Alabama title loan estimate, LoanMart may be able to help you with that1. We’ve been in the title loan business for over a decade, helping customers across the US get the emergency funding they need to relieve unwanted stress.

To get started on a title loan estimate with LoanMart, you can either give us a call at our toll-free number, or you can start an application online. It’s free to apply, and if you are approved and don’t like what you hear when we offer you your title loan quote, there is no obligation to continue the loan process. This way, you can get an accurate estimate of your title loan amount from one of our representatives, and you can plan accordingly1.

About LoanMart

LoanMart has been one of the leading lenders in the auto title loan business since opening our doors in 2002. We make it a habit to provide our customers with great customer service. Our customer service representatives are always willing to help our customers with whatever they may face.

Some of the amazing benefits of LoanMart is that we offer perks that no one else can. We work to make our services easy and convenient for you, and we strive to establish trust with you. It is your finances after all, and with finances comes a lot of trust.

Call Our Team

Take the first step and call our toll-free hotline to speak with a specialist.

For our customers across the US, we offer title loan benefits like1:

  • No prepayment penalties
  • Streamlined application process
  • Completely online application
  • Participating locations across the US
  • Customizable loan terms
  • US-based call center

And so much more!

How to Get Alabama Title Loan Estimates

At LoanMart, we use different criteria to estimate how much title loan funding you may receive1. The first big factor is the market value of your car. We use the Kelley Blue Book to take a look at your vehicle’s value with its year, make, model, mileage, and condition of the vehicle. Using data for sales and auctions near your area, Kelley Blue Book can give us an estimate on how much the car is worth based on the market for that car.

The next factor we use to determine the loan amount you may be eligible for is your ability to repay the loan1. We want to make sure that we don’t offer you a title loan that’s more than you can handle. We make sure that you have a source of income, and then compare that income to the potential value of your loan. We don’t want to put you in more of a bind than you already are in, so we factor in your lifestyle and budget with your title loan amount.

How to Apply for Alabama Title Loans

If you want to apply for a title loan with LoanMart so you can learn your title loan estimate, it’s easy and quick! It can take less than 5 minutes to fill out the inquire and, depending when you apply, you can hear back from a representative within the same day!

To apply for a title loan, all you have to do is choose the best method for you to apply. You can apply:

  • At a participating location
  • Over the phone
  • Online

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll hear from a representative about your possible loan amount and the next steps you’ll need to take1. They may ask you for some documentation to confirm your identity and the ownership of your vehicle, as well as pictures to see the condition it is in. Those can be texted or emailed right to us!

When you’re ready to accept your loan amount, all you’ll have to do is sign your agreement outlining the terms and conditions of your loan1. Then, your money will be ready for you to use!

Top 10 Popular Alabama Cars & Their Title Loan Estimates

Based on car sales from 2017, some of the top vehicle brands in Alabama are Ford, Nissan, Chevy, Honda, and Toyota. Based on vehicles that we’ve helped fund in the past, we’ve gathered some of the data on different vehicles from these companies. Using the years 2001 to 2013, we’ve figured out the average number of miles and loan amount to help you gauge your potential loan amount.

  1. Ford F-150

Average mileage: 152,912

Average loan estimate: $6,527.50

  1. Honda Accord

Average mileage: 157,098

Average loan estimate: $3,385.25

  1. Nissan Altima

Average mileage: 149,834

Average loan estimate: $2,506.18

  1. Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Average mileage: 158,462

Average loan estimate: $7,235.55

  1. Toyota Tacoma

Average mileage: 166,164

Average loan estimate: $8,210.60

  1. Honda Civic

Average mileage: 149,311

Average loan estimate: $2,762.16

  1. Ford Expedition

Average mileage: 147,752

Average loan estimate: $4,178.99

  1. Chevy Suburban

Average mileage: 168,513

Average loan estimate: $5,983.93

  1. Toyota Corolla

Average mileage: 148,573

Average loan estimate: $2,863.34

  1. Nissan Frontier

Average mileage: 143,819

Average loan estimate: $5,603.87