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The interest rate laws for the state of Missouri are the responsibility of the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration. This part of the Missouri government has compiled a document titled the “State of Missouri Consumer Credit Laws,” which discusses all the details that go into legislating different types of funding. Car title loans, or auto title loans, are one of the specific types of funding covered in this set of laws.

The interest rates that are permitted for car title loans differs from state-to-state. So, if you live in Missouri, you want to learn about the specific laws in Missouri because they might not be the same somewhere else.

LoanMart has done the work for you. We’ve done the digging and found the proper sections of the State of Missouri Consumer Credit Laws that apply to car title loans in Missouri. Get the most accurate and useful information from LoanMart so you can go with the best lender!

What do the State of Missouri Consumer Credit Laws Say About Auto Title Loans?

The section of the State of Missouri Consumer Credit Laws that discuss the interest rates of auto title loans can be found in Section 367.515.

Here are the definitions of some of the terms you will find in Section 367.515 of the State of Missouri Consumer Credit Laws:

  • Borrower – That’s you! In legislation, the person who takes out money is referred to as the borrower.
  • Lender – That’s us! The financial institution that distributes loans to borrowers is referred to as the lender. Fun Fact: LoanMart is one of the best title loan lenders on the West Coast.
  • Interest – Interest is a certain percentage of a loan balance that the borrower is charged by the lender.
  • Simple Interest – Simple interest occurs when the interest the borrower is charged corresponds with the current loan balance. This means as the loan balance goes down, the interest payment charged will also go down.

So, what does Section 367.515 say about interest rates on auto title loans? Well, according to this section, the interest rates the borrower is charged is decided upon by the lender. At LoanMart, we utilize this rule by working with our family of customers to determine the best interest rates that fits with their financial budget!

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