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When getting title loans in Tucson, the one thing that borrower should know is that they are perfectly legal in the state of Arizona. That’s because in the state statutes, auto title loan companies are referred to as secondary motor finance companies.

But the idea that someone could get multiple title loans in Tucson is not the matter of yes or no. In fact, the short answer is that it depends on who that person happens to be asking. We at LoanMart are happy to help anyone determine the best way to proceed if they already have another title loan with someone else.

In several cases, we can still help with financing after resolving a few details. There’s a chance to have two title loans in Tucson if1:

  • One owns another car that does not have any liens on it.
  • Someone that knows somebody who could get a title loan on their car under their name (couple, married, etc.).
  • Get a second title loan after paying off the first one!

Now that a borrower knows some of the ways one can get two title loans in Tucson, it’s time to figure out the process of doing so. Here at LoanMart, we would be one happy lender and assist those who may be able to get title loans in Tucson through these mentioned methods1.

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How to Get a Second Title Loan in Tucson

When applying for a second title loan, getting them from LoanMart may be easier than one would think. Sure, we understand why someone may have gotten a title loan from some other lender, but we’d be happy to get somebody another one, especially if it means putting more money in their wallet1.

But after discussing the ways someone could get a second title loan, we hope we at LoanMart can help prospective borrowers to do so under the LoanMart lender, starting with getting a second title loan with another car that someone may own.

Second Title Loan with Another Car

Whether someone has a title loan with LoanMart or another lender, there are many who own more than a single vehicle. Like the first car, a second car may offer similar value for a title loan. As long as the car’s title is free of any liens and someone can provide a proof of income, they may be able to get a second title loan with LoanMart1.

We at LoanMart offer a variety of solutions for those that may not have a clear title on their second vehicle, and getting a second title loan in Tucson shouldn’t be a likely problem, especially if LoanMart could help in some way1.

Second Title Loan on Same Car

After paying off the first title loan, more title loans in Tucson could be available and possible, especially when applying with us at LoanMart1. For the most part, there tends to be no limit on how many times someone could use the same vehicle to get another title loan.

If the car title is free of liens (if not, check out what can be done via refinancing) and there is no remaining balance on the previous title loan, a prospective borrower may be able to use the same car to get another title loan1.

Aside from the ways that have been told, there is generally no possible way to get a second title loan or multiple title loans in Tucson on the same car, at the same time. However, if someone is looking for a second title loan to pay off an existing loan that they may have, consider getting help from LoanMart and our refinancing options to see how we may be able to deliver lower monthly payments on a car title loan1.

For any reader who now has the experience of a title loan veteran, we at LoanMart are ready to help any prospective borrower to get their second title loan to cover any finances1 that they may have.

Why LoanMart Wants to Get you a Second Title Loan in Tucson

Besides giving any would-be borrowers the understanding and the years of wisdom that we at LoanMart have on things like title loans, there are also many benefits that we offer our customers in Tucson when it comes to these title loans:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Online account system
  • Excellent customer service
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Streamlined process
  • LoanMart smart phone app
  • Customizable loan terms

Along with these benefits, we at LoanMart offer a three-step process that make our title loans a somewhat simple experience, and our representatives are willing to help throughout the process without charging a single dime for customer services.

Step One: Apply

The first thing to do is complete the initial inquiry form that we at LoanMart have provided online. We also offer the inquiry over the phone and in-person (if available). The inquiry form is mostly basic information that will help get a good estimate on one’s car.

Step Two: Submit Documents

A LoanMart representative will contact you about the initial quote and the documents one will need to submit1. With our online system, there is no worry for printing or faxing the necessary documents to a LoanMart representative!

Step Three: Sign the contract and collecting the funding

Once approved, a contract must be signed with finalized terms, loan amount, and the interest rate. Once signed, the borrower will then be able to collect the funding!

Here are a few ways LoanMart could provide that funding:

  • Participating store.
  • At a Participating Money Transfer Location
  • Funding directly deposited in their bank account.

Whether trying to get title loans in Tucson or looking for a way of possibly getting that second title loan, there’s a chance that one could get started today and take care of those finances with LoanMart1!

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