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Are you looking for a cash loan without identification, such as a driver’s license? Cash loans are a great way to obtain financial support for any emergency that may have popped up unexpectedly. Suppose you face a costly knee replacement or need dental crowns. In that case, you may be stressed thinking about how you will get emergency money if you don’t have a driver’s license or any other form of identification to verify it.

A cash loan could help you cover the cost of an unforeseen emergency, but what if you have no identification? Can you receive a cash loan without identification? What about loans without a driver’s license?

If you’d like to learn more about title loan identification qualifications, you’ve come to the right place! Go online or call a representative from LoanMart for any questions you may have! Loan agents are available 6 days a week to help you throughout the inquiry process.

Receive a Cash Loan Without a Driver’s License

Unfortunately, you cannot obtain any form of cash loan without identification. To be eligible for a title loan, you must provide a government-issued photo ID. That may be disheartening if you don’t have one form of identification, but do not worry! Luckily, title loans offer flexible requirements and accept various forms of identification for approval! If you have lost or misplaced one form of identification, you may be able to use another form to qualify!¹ If you are without a specific form of identification, know that there are plenty of alternative options for you.

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That means if you need a car title loan but don’t have a driver’s license to use as identification, that isn’t an issue.¹ While you can usually use a driver’s license as a form of identification, if you are looking for title loans without a driver’s license, here are some other forms of ID you could use:

Loan agents generally accept these forms of identification for title loans:

  • State ID: Although state identification can vary depending on where you currently live, general state IDs are also known as REAL-ID. These usually have a gold star printed on the card’s upper right corner. A REAL-ID is a federal compliant card that you can use to board domestic flights within the U.S. and enter secure federal facilities.
  • Passport: If you do not currently possess a passport, you can apply for one at your local post office by gathering the required documents, such as another form of identification and a photocopy of your proof of U.S. citizenship.
  • Matrícula Consular: This identification card is issued by Mexican consulates for Mexican residents who live outside of Mexico. You can use the card to get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number for you to pay federal income taxes. The United States accepts this as a valid proof of identification.
  • And More!

If you don’t have one of these photo IDs, don’t stress about it! Talk to a title loan agent today by calling (855) 277-4847 to discuss your options. There may be additional identification options for you to get a cash loan!¹ Everyone’s background is different, so call LoanMart to discuss your unique situation.

What are the Additional Documents Needed to Receive a Cash Title Loan Without Identification?

In addition to providing an alternative ID when you are inquiring about a cash title loan without identification, you will also need to turn in a few more documents for a cash loan. A loan agent uses these documents to verify your state of residence, income, the current condition of your car, and vehicle ownership.

The documents requested may change, but usually, you will need the following:

Car Title

Your car’s title is the collateral for a cash loan, so you will be asked to provide the document during the approval process. In order for it to be accepted, the title must be in your name. It’s essential to have your name on the title to qualify for a title loan, but that is okay if you share a name in the title! However, you must pay attention to the details in the title to determine what you should do next. If the title has “OR” between names, either member can do the loan process on their own, but if the title has “AND” between names, that means that all parties must submit documentation together.

 If the car title is not in your name, you must have the title transferred to your local Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV) to inquire about a cash loan. A title loan agent could help you find out more about the transfer process, or how to request a new title if you misplaced it. You can call an expert from LoanMart to ask questions about this process at 855-277-4847.

Photos of the Car

You can skip the in-person vehicle inspection when you inquire about cash title loans online! Instead, you will simply have to take clear photos of your car using your smartphone. Make sure to take a picture from each angle, such as the front, back, and four sides of the vehicle. Additionally, you should show photos of the vehicle identification number (VIN) and odometer reading. 

The VIN is usually located on the exterior windshield of the driver’s dash or the interior of the driver’s door. A loan agent uses the odometer reading to determine how many times you have driven your car. This number is important because it indicates how much you have used your vehicle’s engine and if it is well-traveled. A loan agent uses a car’s current mileage to estimate its life expectancy; if it’s high, it may seem like its expectancy is low. But don’t worry about the mileage! Your car could still have enough equity to qualify for a title loan even if the mileage is high.¹

Proof of Income

The ability to repay a cash loan in its entirety is one of the main factors for qualification. To show you receive consistent income, you can show: bank statements, paycheck stubs, a letter of employment from your employer, etc. Alternative forms of income can be accepted if there is the correct documentation! This includes: proof of pension income, SSI, proof of worker’s compensation, settlement income, retirement income, etc. 

If you are searching for a cash loan without identification, you must show that you can afford to pay it off without difficulty. With loan options like LoanMart, you can find loan terms that are convenient and flexible for what you need.¹ A loan agent can assist you with a payment schedule that is designed to help you pay your monthly installments on time.

Proof of Residence

To get a cash loan in your state, you must prove that you maintain an address in that state. You can choose to use a recent utility bill, rental/lease agreement, recent credit card statement, recent phone bills, etc.


References are typically required by a loan agent when getting cash loans. These references could be close friends, family members, or even trusted professionals that you work with. Choose references that can attest to your character financially! 

If I Receive a Cash Loan Without Identification or a Driver’s License, How Can I Spend the Money?

Cash title loans are meant for you to use during a financial emergency. No matter what financial crisis you may be facing, a cash loan could help you cover it. While there are some regulations on how you can spend your cash from a title loan, they are used for a variety of financial reasons. Whatever your financial situation is, there may be another borrower going through something similar. 

Some of the most common financial emergencies that borrowers need help with include: hospital or medical bills, house repairs, vehicle maintenance/repair, costly dental procedures, rent, unexpected bills, and more. If you lack the funds to cover an unforeseen expense, a cash title loan may be ideal. Title loans can cover the cost of a variety of financial emergencies. If you have questions about what you can use your funds for, contact an agent today!

But if you want emergency cash as quickly as possible, know that title loans have a reputation for offering fast cash upon approval.3 With a title loan serviced by LoanMart, you may be able to receive your money in no time at all after you get approved!³ You could get the fast cash you need in as little as 24 hours!³

Will I Need to Go Through a Credit Check When I Inquire About Receiving a Cash Title Loan Without Identification?

It’s understandable to be a little worried about going through a credit check if you have poor credit. Almost all loan options in the financial world will look at a borrower’s credit history during the initial approval process. The truth is that title loans are secured through the use of collateral, which means that your credit history isn’t a critical factor when it comes to being approved for a loan.¹ However, it is possible that your credit will be checked during the approval process. 

But don’t be discouraged by this part, as you could still qualify for a title loan without any issue, even without a strong credit history.¹

It’s important to know what could happen when a loan agent checks your credit during the inquiry process. During the initial inquiry process for a car title loan, your credit may go through what is known as a hard inquiry check. That happens when you fully pursue a title loan and are looking to sign your loan contract. Unfortunately, it could negatively affect your credit score and cause it to go down a few points. However, this could be reduced with time and effort. It may sound bad, but it might not be entirely detrimental for you. You could still get the emergency money you need at the end of the day to cover those worries you have.¹ With loan options like LoanMart, your credit history may not be as important as you think, and you could potentially qualify for fast cash.¹ Go online today to see how LoanMart may be able to help you

How Can I Pick Up My Money When I Receive a Cash Loan Without Identification?

Once a loan agent approves you for a cash title loan without identification or a driver’s license, you can pick up your money in several ways that are convenient for you.¹ You can choose an option that is comfortable for how you want to receive your money:

  1. Direct Deposit: You can receive your money instantly when you connect your bank account for a direct deposit!³
  2. Check: You can have a check with your loan amount sent right to your house via mail!
  3. In-Person: You can opt to pick up your funds at a participating money transfer location near you.

What is the Process to Receive a Cash Loan without Identification or a Driver’s License?

If you want to receive a cash loan without a driver’s license, consider a title loan as an excellent plausible option! With a car title loan, you could use another form of photo identification besides a driver’s license to secure your cash during the approval process. Title loans could offer flexible qualification requirements, affordable terms, and incredible perks with a more convenient online process than most loan options out there!¹ To get started on the fast inquiry process to receive emergency cash, you have to contact a title loan agent.

To initiate contact and start the cash loan process, you can:

  • Send an email to
  • Call the toll-free number (855) 277-4847
  • Use the streamlined title loan calculator to find an estimate on your vehicle’s equity with a quote free of obligation. If you know your equity beforehand, you can decide which loan term works best for you.

A title loan agent will collect your basic personal information and vehicle specifications. If a loan agent preapproves your vehicle for a title loan, you can proceed with turning in your documents. Once your documents are collected and verified, LoanMart can fully approve you for a cash loan!

A loan agent will draw up a title loan contract, and you will go over the repayment details with your loan agent. Ensure that you understand when payments are due, how much is due monthly, the rates, and when your last payment is. LoanMart has no hidden fees or prepayment penalties if you want to pay off your title loan early!⁵

Once all of your questions are answered, and you feel confident about your financial decision, go ahead and sign the title loan agreement.

Title loans serviced by LoanMart offer unmatched speed and quality service. Start the inquiry process today, and you could receive cash in as little as one business day after approval!³