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Easy Tips for Saving Money

Regardless of how much money you make each month, it’s beneficial for you to save a portion for the future. When emergencies arise, many consumers fall back on savings accounts to bail them out of tight financial situations. If you are unprepared without a savings account, LoanMart can help you get access to funds with an Auto Title Loan online.

We offer Auto Title Loans to consumers that own a van, SUV, truck or car and are always direct and honest about any interest or fees that will be charged.

We want to educate our customers on smart ways to plan for the financial future even as we offer options for those who failed to plan or didn’t have the funds to cover an emergency.

Smart Saving Tips for Every Consumer

Whether you are 10 years old or 90, it’s important to set up a savings account and learn the value of saving a portion of your money. When money is tight and buying temptations hit you at every turn, it’s difficult to leave the money in your account. Below are some smart tips to help set up a savings account that grow in size.

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  • Autosave 
    A shocking 24% of Americans don’t have a savings account to fall back on. We encourage you to have a portion of your pay automatically deposited into your savings account so you don’t even know it is there.
  • Track Spending 
    If you can’t account for where your money is going, it’s difficult to know where to cut back. Every dollar you spend should be accounted for, and you should budget anything left for your savings account.
  • High-Yield Accounts 
    The top savings accounts may max out at 1% yield, but you should still shop around and make sure you are putting your money in an account that will make it work for you.
  • Pay Down Debts 
    The best way to have more money is to pay down your existing debts. Pay higher interest credit cards off first so you can put more money in your high-yield savings account.

Savings accounts should always be accessible, involve minimal risk and provide you with a high return rate.

Where We Come In

For those times when emergencies arise and you don’t have a cushion to fall back on, LoanMart is here to provide you with lending options that don’t require you to sell your automobile. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 1-800-LoanMart to discuss more about Car Title Loan basics and how we can help you get out of a tough situation.

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