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What exactly is title cash? Title cash is emergency money that may be accessible by just about any driver with a qualifying car in their name.1 But how exactly does the title loan process work and what are the benefits? Keep reading to learn how your car is a financial asset!

How to Qualify for Title Cash Using Your Car

Individuals that have a car in their name could use proof of ownership to get title cash! The car title proves that you own the car and the equity within it could be tapped into to get fast emergency funding.

But exactly how much cash could you get using your car? That depends on the current financial value of your car. By subtracting the resale value from the principal auto loan amount, you can discover the equity in your car. If the resale value is worth more than what you owe on the car, then the car has positive equity.

With positive equity, you could look forward to potentially qualifying for title cash! If your car has negative equity (meaning you owe more than what it is worth), don’t stress too much. By speaking with a title loan agent or using a title loan calculator, you could easily find out if you qualify to receive title cash.

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The following car specifics will be used to determine your car value for title cash:

  • Make: The manufacturer brand of the car (Ford, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, etc.)
  • Model: Name of the car
  • Style: Body style of the car and the features included
  • Vehicle Year: The year the car was manufactured
  • Current Mileage: The number of miles traveled by the car
  • Current Condition: Typically cars are categorized into four categories (excellent, good, fair, and poor condition)

When you use the online calculator, you may receive a free title loan estimate in minutes if your car qualifies for title cash!1 With Title Loans serviced by LoanMart, there are no obligations! So input your car information and see how much title cash you could potentially be eligible for.

What Documents Do I Need to Get Title Cash?

Having a car title in your name is one of the qualifying factors to get title cash, but you will also be asked to provide additional paperwork during the approval process.

When you work with Title Loans serviced by LoanMart, you have the convenient option to upload all of your documents online! You can use a printer scanner to scan your documents online or take pictures using a smartphone.

These are the general documents you will be asked to provide for quick title cash:

Car Title

The car title must be in your name in order to inquire for title cash. If the car title is not in your name, you must request a title transfer at your local Secretary of State facility. You will need the current owner of the car to sign the back of the car title (this releases ownership) and you will be asked to pay a fee for the process at the DMV.

Proof of Income

You will need to show proof of income in order to qualify for title cash. Most inquirers choose to show recent paycheck stubs but not everyone works a traditional 9-5 job. If you are retired or self-employed, know that Title Loans serviced by LoanMart could accept alternative income documents. For example, you could choose to show banks statements, Social Security benefit statements, government award letters, and more.

Proof of Identity

If you’re looking to obtain title cash, you will need to show proof of identification with a government-issued photo ID. You can choose to show an agent a state ID, driver’s license, or U.S. passport.

Proof of Address

Different states have their own laws and restrictions on title cash. If you want to use the equity in your car to get emergency money, then you will need to show proof of address. You can use recent utility bills, a lease agreement, credit card statements, a property title, and more.

Photos of the Car

During the approval process for title cash, you will need to have the current condition of your car verified. To do this, usually a person will need to visit a brick and mortar location in person to have the car inspected. But with Title Loans serviced by LoanMart, you could just take pictures of your car using your smartphone. Ensure that you show all four sides and that you include a picture of the vehicle identification number and odometer reading.


You may be asked to provide personal or professional references.

How Can I Spend My Title Cash?

Title cash is a great emergency loan option when you need to cover the cost of an upcoming bill or expense. All kinds of financial emergencies could befall you at any time. But no matter why you may unexpectedly need money, title cash could possibly help you handle the cost!

Take a look at some of the reasons why people usually need title cash:

  • A pet suddenly became ill and needed a costly procedure done
  • An unexpected death occurred and money is needed for funeral arrangements
  • A hospitalization bill is due soon
  • A dental procedure is required as soon as possible
  • A car needs airbag replacements after a minor accident
  • A house has recently suffered water damage and needs repairs

What if I Need Title Cash but I Have Bad Credit?

If you have less than stellar credit, then you know just how difficult it can be to get emergency money. However, one of the reasons title cash is a popular option for financial relief is that approval requirements are typically flexible!

Title cash requires an asset as collateral­­­­—your car title. By using an asset as collateral, you could potentially be deemed eligible despite having bad credit or past bankruptcy!1 The main qualifying factors for title cash include your ability to repay the money on time each month and the equity in your car.

So if you’re worried about your financial history, know that Title Loans serviced by LoanMart could be a viable option for you!1

If I Get Title Cash Can My Car be Repossessed?

One of the fears inquirers have when looking into title cash is the status of their car. During the repayment process, the car is basically used as collateral. So do you get to keep the car?

When you work with Title Loans serviced by LoanMart, you get to keep driving your car while you make monthly payments! But what happens if you miss a payment on your title cash? Will the car be repossessed immediately? No!

Missing payments may lead to default, which means you have not legally met the obligations of the title loan. The exact amount of missed payments that leads to default depends entirely on your state of residence. But know that if you ever miss a payment, a compassionate title loan agent will attempt to contact you. Don’t avoid your title loan agent if you experience financial instability after you obtain title cash, as they are determined to help you find a solution.

If you avoid talking to a title loan agent and you keep missing payments, then there may be no choice left but to repossess the car. If your car is repossessed, don’t think that you have lost ownership of the car! The car will be towed to a secure lot and your agent will continue to try and establish contact.

If a borrower cannot keep making payments and does not attempt to regain their car, then the absolute last resort is having the car sold at auction. The money made from the auction will be used to cover the remaining title loan amount. But this scenario is rare and you should not let the fear of repossession deter you from seeking title cash. There are solutions for you to take advantage of, so always have open communication with your title loan agent and you should be fine.

How Can a Person Go About Inquiring for Title Cash?

Title cash is a financial option available to just about anyone with a car in their name.1 If you want fast funding, then Title Loans serviced by LoanMart are an option to consider. To start the inquiry process and see if you qualify, just call 1 (855) 422-7412 or submit a title loan inquiry form online.

The approval process consists of three hassle-free steps: inquiry, paperwork, and approval. It is entirely possible for a person to receive their title cash the same day they inquire!1, 3 Not only are the qualification requirements flexible, but eligible borrowers could expect affordable terms and competitive rates.

If time is of the essence, then why waste more of it? If you have a car in your name then inquire today for the title cash you need!

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