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If you’re looking for a title loan and need different funding options that allow you to receive your money fast, then look no further than LoanMart! With our streamline application and excellent customer service, we provide different options for electronic or check funding through1:

  • Direct deposit
  • Pick up at a participating store
  • Receive by check

LoanMart Title Loan Funding Options

LoanMart offers their customers many different funding options when they need to receive their title loan money. Emergency situations call for emergency cash, and when you need money and there is no time to wait, LoanMart provides multiple avenues to receive our funding1. You can receive it electronically, at a MoneyGram location, or at a participating store.


In order to make accessing your money easier, LoanMart works with MoneyGram so you may receive your title loans in a faster manner1. Once you’ve finished your loan application and been through the approval process, there are over 30,000 MoneyGram locations that you can have your money sent to, or you can transfer the money to your bank account, mobile wallet, or other accounts you may have.

Using LoanMart and MoneyGram, you can have your funds deposited directly to your bank account or mobile wallet. All you need is a little information about yourself and your bank account number.

Call Our Team

Take the first step and call our toll-free hotline to speak with a specialist.

To pick your money up in person, you will be able to use LoanMart to locate a MoneyGram location near you. All you’ll need is identification and your reference number to pick up your money from the location to verify your information.

Participating Store

There are thousands of participating stores across the US to help LoanMart’s customers in need. With all of the participating stores, not only can you apply in one of the participating stores, but you can also collect your money in person1.

Similar to the MoneyGram locations, you can use your information and your LoanMart reference number to access your funds. You can receive this money through check, as well. Find your nearest participating store on our website by searching your state and the nearest city that you live by.

LoanMart Fast Title Loan Funding

LoanMart has streamlined our application process to make sure that the funding is available as soon as your application has been approved and you’ve signed your documents1. With our application process, we offer you the chance to fill it out online, over the phone, or in person at a participating store – whichever method is easier for you.

If you need to talk to a representative or prefer to call, our U.S.-based call center allows us to access your application and information in real time. That means no waiting around for our call. As long as you call within our business hours, you can speak with a representative almost instantly!

Because of our call center and our quick application process, you could potentially receive your funding in as little as one business day from when you applied3. Even our online application should only take you 5 minutes or less to complete.

How to Manage Your Title Loan Funding

Managing your title loan funding is just as easy as receiving your funding for your title loans. We make it simple to maintain your title loan and easily make your payments. To make sure you are up to date with your LoanMart loan, you can receive monthly statements that explain how much you have left, when your next payment is due, and any other important information regarding your loan.

To monitor your loan, you can also download the LoanMart app that allows you to pay your loan payment directly from the app no matter where you may be. This allows you to continue to keep tabs on your account as you go to work, run errands, or even travel.

If you prefer to make your payment in person, you can use MoneyGram ExpressPayment Service to send payments to LoanMart.

  1. Visit a MoneyGram location. When you visit a MoneyGram location, you can ask for the MoneyGram ExpressPayment Service slip and fill out the top section.
  2. Fill out the ExpressPayment Form. Under each section, you’ll fill out the appropriate information and the amount that you will pay, along with your account number for your loan.
  3. Turn in your ExpressPayment Form. Give the ExpressPayment Service slip to the MoneyGram representative and you will receive a receipt. You can track your ticket online on the MoneyGram site and monitor your payment transaction through the LoanMart site or app.

To learn more information about how we use MoneyGram to make your payments easier, you can visit our page that talks about how you can receive your funding with MoneyGram and how you can make payments at a MoneyGram location.

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