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3 Easy Steps

Here’s How to Get Your Cash1


Click or Call

The process is extremely fast. Apply over the phone or online.


Submit Info

Submit documents by 4 pm PST, get your cash the same day3.


Get Your Money!

Get money sent directly to your bank account, or pick up your money at a participating location.

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If you are from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and need money, there is a unique offer for you to inquire about. Try title loans serviced by LoanMart!Âą

What is LoanMart Servicing Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Title Loans serviced by LoanMart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provide a convenient way for borrowers to find funding with bad or even no credit. Call 877-728-2898 to learn more!

What documents do I need with LoanMart Servicing Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Generally, basic documents like vehicle title, proof of income, proof of residency, etc., is what you’ll need for Title Loans serviced by LoanMart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Need more information? Call 877-728-2898 now!

Do I have to go to LoanMart Servicing Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in person to get a title loan?

No! Title Loans serviced by LoanMart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are available online. Or, you can call 877-728-2898 to speak with a loan representative directly.

What are the Benefits of a Title Loan Serviced by LoanMart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

By choosing a title loan serviced by LoanMart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a borrower could get a lot of other useful benefits, and they are:

Easy Repayment

One huge benefit that comes with these loans is ease and flexibility with repayment. One way this is done is that borrowers are given the ability to pay the loan off early, without any fees, or penalties.5

When you are approved for a title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can be sure you get the most flexibility!

No Hidden Fees

There are absolutely no hidden fees of any kind, no giant payment at the end, or any other surprises.5

Convenience and Speed

Title loans serviced by LoanMart are made to be as convenient as possible and so when you apply, you could have the money you need the same day!1

The approval process for title loans serviced by LoanMart is extremely simple, and there are only a few documents that are required to apply!

About Service Areas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

With a unique program available to residents who are looking for title loans in Fort Lauderdale, title loans serviced by LoanMart may be able to provide secure funding backed by the financial stability of a title loan. Our representatives may be able to put hundreds- even thousands of dollars in your pocket fast, with low monthly payments1.

Service Hours

Monday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST
Tuesday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST
Wednesday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST
Thursday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST
Friday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST
Saturday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm EST

Where Can I Get Title Loans Serviced by LoanMart in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

With title loans serviced by LoanMart, you could get your approved funds through your local MoneyGram location!1 There are many Money Gram locations all over Fort Lauderdale, one more advantage of title loans serviced by LoanMart.

There is a map provided below, with MoneyGram locations in Fort Lauderdale. Along with a list of contact information of a few of these locations.

Addresses shown display closest MoneyGram locations. Map displays all MoneyGram locations in general vicinity.

Locations Near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

LoanMart is proud to help people all over the United States, including Fort Lauderdale, Florida and beyond! Look through the different LoanMart service areas and see which one is closest to your neighborhood:

Featured Locations Near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

How to Stay Safe with the COVID-19 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic unfolds in Florida and beyond, communities can stay safe. Our responsibility is to take care of our communities in Florida and around the United States by keeping our doors shut and our business online.

The safety of our employees and customers comes first before anything. Our promise is to keep the best interests of customers and employees in mind as these next crucial months unfold.

Dedicated to employing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) policies in order to fully protect the community.

Since the public safety measures have been enacted on a Federal level, the CDC has implemented some guidelines to keep everyone safe. Some measures that the CDC has recommended to reduce risk within families and the community are:

  • Avoid social gatherings of 6+ people and stay inside unless necessary.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash, and wash your hands immediately afterwards. Cleanliness can also be a crucial tool in fighting this virus.
  • If you are an essential worker, stay home if you are experiencing symptoms.
  • As much as you can, avoid touching your face.
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Make sure you are covering all sides of your hands in suds to get rid of any potential grime.

Even the smallest of actions, such as staying home and practicing social distancing can be effective to help reduce the spread of the virus. 

We understand that thousands are in need of financial services like a title loan, especially during these uncertain times when employment is largely unavailable.  

How to Get a Secured Loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Using Your Car

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you are going through a financial crisis and are short on options for financial help. Sometimes it seems like all the typical suggestions – borrowing from friends or family, dipping into your savings account, spending less – are not applicable for your situation.

It can feel like you are running out of ways to dig yourself out of this tough financial position. But if you need emergency funding in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and you own a car, then there may be away to get the financial help you need!

Title loans could be the answer you seek to obtain financial stability1. This funding option could be the answer to all your worries and the reason you need stress no longer!

What is a Car Title Loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

If you have never considered car title loans before, or never heard of them, you may be wondering what exactly a car title loan is and why it may be a good option for you.

A title loan is a specific type of secured installment loan that uses the worth of your car as collateral for the amount lent. What’s great about title loans being secure is that it is easier for individuals with poor credit history to be approved1. The collateral makes lending less risky for car title loan lenders. Car title loans could be the perfect option for you if you need emergency funding quickly and you have a less than perfect credit score1.

Get a Great Deal on an Auto Title Loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

When looking for an auto title loan in Fort Lauderdale, or really anywhere, there are going to be a few ways a person can get the best deal:

  • Look at Several Lenders — Every lender is going to work a little differently. To get a great deal, it is important to look around at several lenders before making a final lending decision.
  • Compare Interest Rates, Loan Values, and Repayment Terms—This goes hand-in-hand with looking at several lenders. When a person inquires for a loan through a lender, the lender will usually give them an estimate on loan values, interest rates, and repayment terms. Before choosing a lender to work with, it will be a good idea to compare all these things.
  • Use a Vehicle with the Most Value—Another factor that could mean getting a good deal on a loan is the value of the vehicle involved. When a person has multiple vehicles, it is generally a good idea to use the car with the most value in order to get the most funding.
  • Improve Credit as Much as Possible—As many may already know, credit is not typically a huge factor with title loan eligibility. However, credit history will still impact the interest rate of the loan. And so, it is a good idea to try and improve it as much as possible before looking for lending.
  • Show the Lender Every Source of Income—Income can impact several aspects of an auto title loan, so it is important to show all sources of income.

How a Title Loan Could Get You a Great Deal in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A title loan is a unique kind of auto title loan. Along with the standard benefits—like fast and easy funding—title loans come with several additional benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why a title loan could be a great deal:

  • Competitive Interest Rates—With title loans, the interest is kept highly competitive.
  • No Hidden Fees—An auto title loan may sound great, but sometimes hidden fees can add a large amount to the cost of borrowing. With a title loan, there are no hidden fees to worry about.

Because of all of these factors, a title loan may be one of the best places to start when looking for a great deal on an auto title loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Process to Get a Secured Title Loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Step One: Fill Out the Online Form

  • The first thing to do to get started with a title loan in Fort Lauderdale is to fill out the simple online inquiry form. Begin by providing some basic information in the most convenient way possible—on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Step Two: Send in Your Required Documentation

  • After receiving your information, a loan agent will reach out to you to discuss your options and request some basic documents to verify the information you provided. These are likely documents you have laying around your house (see the list below).

Step Three: Get Your Money!1

  • Once deemed eligible for a title loan in Fort Lauderdale, the loan agent will discuss loan details, terms, and conditions. Once you’ve officially been approved, you could receive the money you need in as quick as one business day1!

Documents Required for a Secured Loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Now that you see how simple the process can be, a car title loan probably seems like a more appealing option for your emergency funding needs. All that there is left for you to know now is which documents to submit for a title loan inquiry in Fort Lauderdale.

Here are a few of the most important documents that you will need to provide:

  • Government Issued Photo ID: Driver’s license, Social Security card, passport, or state-issued ID.
  • Proof of Residence: Household utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, lease agreement, or a certificate of voter registration.
  • Proof of Income: Recent paystubs, pension, Social Security account statements, retirement account statements, or tax records.
  • References: Personal or professional.
  • Qualifying Title to Car: The car needs to be in your name and owned by you. If you are still paying off the car, you may still be able to qualify for a loan1.
  • Photos of the Car: You will need to send in pictures of the car as well, so that they can verify all the information.
  • Further documents can be requested for clarification.

Get Started with Title Loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Today!

If you think that a title loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is the right option for you, then get started on the inquiry process at any time! Simply fill out the quick online inquiry form. If you are approved, you could receive the money you need as fast as the very next business day1!

If you have any further questions regarding how to acquire a secured loan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida using your car, don’t hesitate to call today!

More About Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Fort Lauderdale area is home to about 831,395 people in Florida. Of those 831,395 people, 552,320 of them are considered adults, being above the age of 18. But what about the general gender distribution in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Well, there are approximately 423,964 identified females, which is about 49.76% of the total population, and 407,431 identified males, which is about 50.24% of the total population of Fort Lauderdale. Of those 423,964 females, about 283,215 of them are legal adults, that’s about 49.74% of the all the grown women in Fort Lauderdale. For the males, 269,105 are of legal adulthood, which is about 50.26% of all the grown men in Fort Lauderdale.

Interested in even more info about who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Check out the additional information below!

Total People Under 5 Years47,681
Total People 5-9 Years47,613
Total People 10-14 Years49,861
Total People 15-19 Years48,998
Total People 20-24 Years48,296
Total People 25-34 Years115,406
Total People 35-44 Years107,233
Total People 45-54 Years123,087
Total People 55-59 Years60,137
Total People 60-64 Years52,500
Total People 65-75 Years74,475
Total People 75-84 Years37,556
Total People 85 Years and Older18,552

Some Housing Information about Fort Lauderdale, Florida

There are approximately 302,072 total households in the city of Fort Lauderdale, with about 115,960 of those households being rented while 186,112 were owned. Between the years of 2015 – 2016, about 43,636 households were newly occupied, with about 28,606 of those households being rented and 15,030 owned. Between the years 2010 – 2014, 58,653 households were occupied by newly moved-in renters, and 40,445 households started being occupied by owners, which comes out to about 99,098 total households during that time. Between the years of 2000 – 2009 approximately 75,122 households were occupied by new people, with 13,847 of those households being rented and 61,275 were purchased outright and owned. Between 1990-1999, about 2,509 households were occupied by renters who just moved in, while 39,667 households were occupied by homeowners who just moved in; combined means that homeowners and renters moved into about 42,176 households during that time period.

Education in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Below is some basic education information about people who live in Fort Lauderdale:

Percent of People Who Have Not Graduated High School7.69%
Percent of People Who Have Graduated High School19.56%
Percent of People Who Started College28.62%
Percent of People Who Finished College44.13%

When it comes to homeowners and their education, about 6.14% of homeowners in Fort Lauderdale have not graduated high school, while 18.9% have. Furthermore, about 27.24% of homeowners who live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida have started college/university, and about 47.74% have finished. Looking at people who rent their homes, about 20.04% of the home renters in Fort Lauderdale have graduated high school, while 9.96% have not. For college, about 32.09% of the people who rent their homes in Fort Lauderdale have started college/university, and approximately 37.91% have graduated college/university.

Employment in the Households of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Out of the 299,527 in the city of Fort Lauderdale, about 75,380 of those households contain people who are unemployed. Of those 299,527 households, about 120,870 of them contain 1 person working, 83,597 contain 2 people working, and just about 19,680 of them contain 3 or more people who are working.

Did you know that there are about 90,266 households in Fort Lauderdale with one resident, and out of those 90,266 households about 41,144 of them have residents who are unemployed while 49,122 households are the home of individuals who are employed.

If you would like to learn more about other households in Fort Lauderdale and their employment, check out the helpful information below:

Total 2-Person Households98,237
2-Person Households with Unemployed Residents26,040
2- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident35,405
2-Person Households with 2 Employed Residents36,792
Total 3-Person Households47,938
3-Person Households with Unemployed Residents4,404
3- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident16,939
3-Person Households with 2 Employed Residents20,611
3-Person Households with 3+ EmployedResidents5,984
Total 4-Person Households63,086
4-Person Households with Unemployed Residents3,792
4- Person Households with 1 Employed Resident19,404
4-Person Households with 2 Employed Residents26,194
4-Person Households with 3+ EmployedResidents13,696

Title Loans Serviced by LoanMart in Fort Lauderdale

When you’re living in Fort Lauderdale and in need of emergency cash, you deserve to get the money you need, when you need it. That’s why Title Loans Serviced by LoanMart is proud to service loans throughout the entire state of Florida. Find out how you can get your money today by calling us at 855-277-4847 to learn more, or visit Title Loans serviced by LoanMart online to get started immediately.

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1Loan approval is subject to meeting the lender's credit criteria, which may include providing acceptable property as collateral. Actual loan amount, term, and Annual Percentage Rate of the loan that a consumer qualifies for may vary by consumer. Loan proceeds are intended primarily for personal, family and household purposes. Minimum loan amounts vary by state. Consumers need to demonstrate ability to repay the loan.

2Based on consumers who received a loan from LoanMart from February 2002 to October 2018.

3Application processes could take five (5) minutes to complete. Upon completion, a conditional approval may be given pending review of documentation. Funding time is based on the time from final approval following receipt and review of all required documents and signing, prior to 2PM PST on a business day.

4To exercise the right to rescind, the consumer(s) must notify the lender in writing by midnight on the third calendar day from obtaining the loan. Within one business day from notice of rescission, the consumer(s) must return any monies received and fees paid on behalf of the consumer(s) by certified funds.

5Lenders recommend and encourage consumers to pay early and often and more in order to avoid additional finance charges.

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