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Can I Get Title Loans on Classic Cars?

Yes! If you have a classic vehicle, you could use it as collateral for a car title loan! With classic car title loans, an applicant can pledge an older car as collateral without worrying about the car’s age affecting their eligibility. As long as a vehicle has enough value, it can be used as collateral for a title loan.1

Newer vehicles tend to have more value than older cars. However, some classic cars can be more valuable than recent models since they can appreciate with age if they are kept in good condition! To determine the current value of your classic vehicle, you could use LoanMart’s online calculator tool to obtain an equity estimate and a loan quote with no obligation!1 Just enter some basic information about yourself and your car into the calculator tool to get started.

Apply for title loans on classic cars serviced by LoanMart online today! You can take advantage of a flexible application process. If you qualify, you could obtain the money you need for an unexpected expense or a financial emergency in as little as one business day.1 3 Visit the website or call a title loan agent at 855-422-7412 to learn more about title loans on classic cars. 

How Do I Get Auto Title Loans for Older Cars?

Generally, it is tough to obtain approval for an unsecured loan if you don’t have a good credit score. Title loans on the other hand can be much more flexible and convenient! You do not need a perfect credit history to get classic car title loans.1

However, you will still need to meet the basic application criteria to obtain approval for a title loan. Take a closer look at the following initial requirements to apply for classic car title loans:1

  • Be Able to Provide Proof of Income / Alternative Income
  • Have a Title to a Qualifying Classic Car in Your Name
  • Be at Least 18 Years of Age

It is possible to get title loans for older cars, but you will need a car title in your name at the time of your application. Additionally, you must provide evidence of income during your loan inquiry to prove you have the ability to pay off an old car title loan. If you don’t receive regular pay stubs from an employer, you can conveniently upload proof of an alternative source of income during your application instead.1 Some examples of alternative forms of income include the following: 

Applying for title loans on classic cars shouldn’t be complicated! To get classic car title loans, you will need to fill out a short prequalification form online, submit a few documents, and find out if you qualify for quick funding! Talk to a title loan representative from LoanMart at 855-422-7412 to see if your classic car will qualify as collateral for a title loan.1

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What Do I Need to Get Old Car Title Loans?

Applicants who meet the initial criteria for title loans on classic vehicles will have to gather a few basic documents and upload them to the website.

Typically, you can find these documents in your mailbox or lying around your house! Once you collect all your paperwork, you could upload everything online through the LoanMart website with the click of a button. It can be that simple to apply for emergency cash! If you’re applying for classic car title loans, you can expect to need the following documents on hand:1

  • A Classic Car Title in Your Name
  • Proof of Address & Income
  • Recent Photos of Your Classic Car
  • Valid, Government-Issued Photo Identification

You can upload the documents online or email / text them to a LoanMart title loan agent. After you submit the necessary documents, they will be checked for completeness by a title loan agent. Dial 855-422-7412 to learn more about qualifying for classic car title loans online.1

How Much Money Can I Get Through Classic Car Title Loans?

The total amount you could borrow through an old car title loan will primarily depend on these two key factors:1

Both of these characteristics can impact your eligibility for an auto title loan and the amount you may qualify for.1 Some classic cars have a significant amount of value because they are rare and no longer in production. Generally, classic cars will only have a considerable amount of value if they are kept in good condition. Good condition means that the car is free of any significant cosmetic or structural damage. You may be able to access up to 50% of your vintage vehicle’s value if you are eligible for a car title loan.1

Additionally, it is possible to get title loans for older cars. As long as your older vehicle has enough positive equity, you may be able to use it as collateral for a title loan.1

Contact a title loan agent from LoanMart at 855-422-7412 if you have questions about applying for title loans on older vehicles.1 

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Where Can I Get Classic Car Title Loans Online?

Now that you have learned more about title loans on classic cars, you can apply for the quick funding you need! Thankfully, with a car title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can conveniently apply online from the comfort of your home. Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to start the online application process today.1

You can take advantage of a fast, three-step process to apply for quick funding:1 3

  1. Place a Loan Inquiry Online or Over the Phone: Applicants can fill out a short inquiry form online or contact a title loan agent at 855-422-7412 to find out if they qualify for instant pre-approval.1
  2. Submit the Required Documents: These documents are used by a title loan agent to verify your information, and you can conveniently upload them on the LoanMart website.
  3. Collect Your Funds if You Qualify: Borrowers who are eligible for old car title loans can choose from one of the following ways to obtain their loan proceeds:1
    • Direct Deposit to a Bank Account
    • Check in the Mail
    • Pick Up the Money at Any Participating Money Transfer Location Nearby

Find out if you can get the funds you need for an unexpected expense by applying for a title loan on a classic vehicle today! If you qualify for a title loan serviced by LoanMart, you could access competitive interest rates and quick funding in as little as one business day!1 3