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People can find out for free if they qualify for a car title loan through our website. They’ll need to provide some basic contact information so we can reach them to continue the process and complete the application. They’ll also need to have some details about the applicable car to hand.

We need to know information about the car a person wants to use because of how car title loans work. A car owner puts their car up as collateral against the amount of money they’re looking to borrow, so the type of car they own, and its value, is important when assessing the potential loan amount.

Here’s the information we need to know about a potential borrower and their car so we can determine whether or not we’ll be able to offer them a loan:

  • The status of the title (is the car paid off and do they have possession of the title, or are there any liens placed on the title?)
  • The year of the car
  • The make (the company that made the car, like Ford, Mazda, or GMC)
  • The model (what kind of car it is specifically, like an F-150 or Corolla)
  • The style of the car (like 4 door sedan, 2 door coupé, or 5-door sedan or hatchback)
  • The approximate mileage
  • The applicant’s valid driver’s license
  • Applicable insurance information

If applicants gather this information together before they sit down to see if they qualify for auto title loans online, the process will be that much faster. We’ll also verify the information that is provided to us before making a final decision on any application, and, assuming an applicant qualifies, before finalizing their paperwork and giving them the check.

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Remember, all personal information, including information about the automobile, is always safe with us. We value the trust of our customers, which is why we do not store information on our web server computers and we dispose of any paperwork by shredding it. We also use SSL encryption on our site, so our customers can rest assured that when they work with us to qualify for auto title loans online, their information is protected.