What is a Lien Holder for a Car Title Loan in Florida?

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A car title loan can seem like a fast, convenient, and easy way to get necessary funding in a hurry for Florida residents. However, there may still be some questions surrounding them, such as what a lien holder is.

Fortunately, the answer is actually pretty simple and easy to understand. ChoiceCash Title Loans serviced by LoanMart would like to help inform you of what a lienholder is.

What is a Car Title Loan?

First, let’s talk about what a car title loan is. A car title loan is essentially a type of loan that allows for you to use the title of your vehicle to acquire funding. Use the funds you need for whatever bill or expense you might be faced with at the current moment.

The amount of money that you may qualify for if you are given approval is often based on two different factors:

  • The equity that your vehicle has
  • Your ability to pay back a title loan

If you are approved for the loan, then the title loan lender will sign onto your vehicle’s title with a lien. They will be the lien holder for the duration of the title loan. Once you have finished paying the loan back, you will be given full ownership over the title once again.

What is a Lien for a Car Title Loan?

A lien is a legally held right that a lender has over a property being used as a form of collateral for a loan by the person(s) borrowing the money.

This kind of legal right could include the ability to take possession of the property being used for collateral. This would only occur if the borrower defaults on the loan or makes any form of breach on the loan agreement.

What is a Lien Holder on a Car Title Loan?

A lien holder is someone who holds the legal right to the property being used as collateral during the course of a loan. In this instance, it is the lender who is the lien holder.

Once the loan has been paid back in its entirety, the lender will remove their lien from the property and return full ownership back to the borrower.

In the case of a car title loan, the collateral in question would be the title of the vehicle. The lender would put a lien on the vehicle’s title and have that hold over it until the title loan has been fully repaid.

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