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Oh, no! A police officer has pulled you over, and they’re asking for your vehicle documents. You find yourself rummaging through your glove department and underneath seats just to find the legitimate paperwork you need. Decades ago, people would keep all of their important documents under their mattresses, but today, that seems a bit old-fashioned. So, where do you put those important documents you’ll eventually need? Below, you’ll find helpful tips on where you should keep your car title and other vehicle documents.

Owning a car comes with a lot of paperwork, so you have to know where to put all these important vehicle documents to keep track of them all and keep them safe. You should keep some things in your car’s glove compartment, but there are other documents that you shouldn’t store there. If you aren’t sure where you should keep your car title and other vehicle documents, it’s a lot easier than you think to keep them safe!

Learn where you should keep your important vehicle paperwork and how you could use your car title to obtain quick emergency cash.3

Some of the vehicle documents you should know about are:

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Vehicle Registration

You’ll have to show your “license and registration” when pulled over by a police officer on the road, but you shouldn’t keep the original registration document in your glove box. Instead, keeping a copy of your registration folded into your wallet behind your driver’s license is better and safer.

Proof of Car Insurance

This is something that should always be kept in your car, either in the glove box or another safe compartment. In most states, you can be ticketed for not having proof of car insurance on hand while driving. Keep a policy app on your phone or a copy of it in your wallet, just in case.

Owner’s Manual

This document shouldn’t be buried in a drawer somewhere in your house. This is a very important book that should be kept in your glove compartment where you can easily get to it in case of a flat tire or a strange symbol popping up on your dashboard. While you are on-the-go, you may need to be able to know how to fix any issues with your car. This guide can’t help you if it’s left at home.

Car Title

A vehicle title is one document you shouldn’t keep in your actual car. If someone were to break into your vehicle and steal it, the thief would probably have everything they need to sell or keep the car. They would have the car title, and they would probably have the registration information if you keep that in the glove box.

Your car’s certificate of title is the legal document that says your car legally belongs to you. So you can see why this shouldn’t get into the wrong hands, and you should keep it somewhere safe where it cannot be lost, stolen, or damaged.

It’s a good idea to keep your title in a safe deposit box, a fireproof container, or some other secure place at home. If you have somewhere safe where you keep your important documentation, such as your birth certificate or passport, you should file your car title away in the same place. You could also keep a copy of the title at home in a separate safe place and/or with a trusted family member or friend as an extra safety measure.

While it’s possible to replace a car title or get a duplicate copy, taking good care of the original will save you a lot of hassle and a trip to the DMV. It also costs a small fee to replace a car title!

Using Your Vehicle Documents to Obtain a Fast Loan3

The kids are home during summer vacation, so you know how important it is to stock the fridge with their favorite snacks. All of a sudden, during the hottest days of the year, your refrigerator stops working. Your husband tries to fix it to save you money on the repairs, but no luck, you need a new fridge altogether. You may want to use your vehicle documents to obtain fast cash to apply for a title loan.3

Traditional loans often determine eligibility solely on a potential borrower’s credit score. The great thing about secured loans such as car title loans is that borrowers with various financial circumstances are welcome to inquire about a loan. This is because, with a car title loan, you will use your car’s title as collateral for the fast emergency cash.3 Car title loans are a financial solution for those who need the money much quicker than traditional loan options can provide it.3 Car title loans allow you to get access to the cash you need now, and when you work with title loans serviced by LoanMart, you can keep driving your car.3

Take advantage of your car title by turning it into fast cash with the help of title loans serviced by LoanMart. The approval process is simple; take a look!

Reasons to Get a Loan Using Your Vehicle Documents

There are several reasons why a borrower may choose to get a loan using their vehicle documents. Instead of suffering financially, use your assets to work for you!  What’s the point of owning something you cannot leverage to receive what you need to in order to cover your expenses? Below are a few common reasons why borrowers choose to use their vehicle’s title as collateral for a loan instead of going for more traditional loan routes:

You Have Compromising Credit – A few short years ago, Americans across the nation were struggling to get by. As a result of people across the nation being in financial turmoil, most people have higher than average utilization rates on their credit cards, which negatively impacts their score. With loan options like car title loans, credit history is not the primary determinant of approval.1

Your Vehicle Has Equity – One of the greatest ways to potentially receive a higher amount on your car title loan is to have a vehicle that is high in value.1 Now, what does this mean? The value of a car is largely determined by its equity, and how well it is projected to perform in the consumer market.

The equity of your vehicle is determined by its current worth and future worth.

  • Positive Equity – Your Toyota Camry is only months away from being completely paid off. You’re looking forward to the day you make your last payment. If your vehicle is worth more than what you currently owe on it; then, it most likely has positive equity. If these are your circumstances, you’re in luck. Borrowers with positive equity tend to get approved for larger quantities of money through a car title loan if they have an income to match it.1
  • Negative equity – Will it take a few more years before your vehicle is completely paid off? Negative equity is when your car is worth less than the amount you still owe on it. If you do not know if your car has negative equity, a loan agent with LoanMart can find out for you in just a few minutes with some basic information about your car.3

You Drive a Popular Vehicle – One benefit of applying for a loan with your car title and other vehicle documents is that you are often rewarded for having a popular vehicle. This sounds like high school all over again: the popular kids always win. Popularity is paramount when determining a vehicle’s value. Do you drive a Toyota Corolla, a Ford Explorer, or a Chevy Equinox? These are only a handful of the most popular cars in the United States today. The reason why borrowers with more popular cars potentially receive larger amounts of cash is that popularity is in direct correlation to value.1 In other words, the value of a vehicle is largely determined by how others will perceive it on the consumer market.

Your Car Has Low Mileage – Do you primarily use your vehicle simply to go from point A to point B in your community? No one wants to purchase a vehicle with a crazy amount of mileage. This is due to what the high mileage implies about a vehicle. High mileage suggests that a new potential owner will have to spend more money on maintenance to keep the car running. It also implies that the engine has been used significantly, which could mean that the transmission needs to be replaced. Even when purchasing a used vehicle, most consumers try to choose the used car with the least amount of mileage. So, if you’re trying to decide if you should take your car on your annual road trip this year, it may be better to rent a vehicle if you plan on using yours as collateral for a loan.

Additional Reasons to Use Your Car Title to Apply for Cash

  • You Need Cash Fast3 – An emergency is just that, an EMERGENCY. Going with more traditional loan services will sometimes have you waiting for weeks at a time to get the financial help you need. Now, if your ceiling is leaking in the middle of the rainy season, you may not have weeks to wait. Or, what if your car needs to be repaired, and that is your sole means of transportation? Try telling your employer that you can’t make it in for a week, and see how that goes over. When you need cash fast, you don’t have time to wait. LoanMart understands that.

LoanMart prides itself on having call centers that provide potential borrowers with stellar customer service. The call center is open beyond the traditional 9-5 hours on weekdays. LoanMart understands the urgency when funds are needed in a timely fashion. As a result, their call center representatives are in place six days a week and beyond traditional working hours. If you want to inquire about a loan, call (855) 277-4847.

  • You Want the Benefits of a Secured Loan Option- Title loans are more than just fast ways to get cash. With a car title loan serviced by LoanMart, you access a secured loan option once approved.1 Accessing secured loan options can come with a considerable amount of benefits! This includes high approval rates and a better chance to get more cash than you would through an unsecured loan option.1 One of the perks of working with LoanMart for cash is that you receive a payment plan that is tailored to your income and loan amount. There are no prepayment penalties for paying your loan off early! 5  Use your vehicle title and other vehicle documents to apply for the financial help you need today.

How the Loan Process Works When Using Your Car Title and Other Vehicle Documents

With a car title loan, almost anyone could qualify for swift financial relief.1,3 When you work with title loans serviced by LoanMart, you could be deemed eligible despite having bad credit or a past bankruptcy.1 Qualification is based on your car’s value and ability to make payments on time, not on your past financial decisions. LoanMart understands that people from all different economic backgrounds could need help.

Take a look at the quick and straightforward 3-step process to get car title loans:

Step 1: Inquire for a Car Title Loan

Begin inquiring for emergency funding by dialing (855) 422-7412, or completing the online title loan form. You will be asked to provide basic information about yourself and the car you own. If your vehicle and income  qualify for funding, you could be preapproved for a car title loan and receive a free estimate.1

Step 2: Send in Your Paperwork

If you decide to proceed with the approval process for a car title loan, you can start uploading images of your documents online. You will typically be asked to provide the following:

  • A Car Title To a Qualifying Car In Your Name
  • A Government-Issued Photo Id (like your driver’s license or passport)
  • Proof of Income (like paycheck stubs, tax forms, or bank account statements)
  • Proof of Residence (a piece of recent mail like a utility bill or credit card statement)
  • Photos Of Your Car (hood, driver’s side, passenger side, rear, odometer, and VIN)
  • References (may be professional or personal)

Step 3: Get Approval for a Car Title Loan

Final approval will be given once an agent verifies all of your information.1 A car title loan agreement will be drawn up with your detailed repayment information, and after signing, you can choose how you would like to receive your emergency money.

Don’t Wait to Inquire for the Help You Need Through a Car Title Loan

It only takes about 5 minutes to see if you qualify for a car title loan with help from title loans serviced by LoanMart, so make the most of today and start an inquiry.3 Make the most of your car title that’s filed away at home! Use your car title and other vehicle documents for help today.