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Online auto title loans can be good financial options for those who need a check quickly, but for whatever reason cannot secure a loan from a traditional lender. Big banks turn people away all the time for not having good enough credit, not having a long enough credit history, or for only having income from self-employment instead of being with an employer.

At LoanMart, we strive to work with all customers. While we can’t promise everyone will be able to qualify for our services, we try our best to provide a loan product for every person interested in working with us.

To help us achieve that goal, we want to provide potential customers will lots of information about online auto title loans. This way, they can come in prepared and hopefully, able to secure the loan they really need.

So if someone is considering taking out a car title loan but have multiple cars, understanding how title loans work will help them choose the right one to use to get the amount of money they need quickly.

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The amount of money customers are allowed to borrow from us will depend on our assessment of the market value of the car they want to use as collateral for the loan. This means that, for most people, if they have multiple cars, the most important factor in determining which should be used to get a title loan is which one is more valuable. A borrower will be able to borrow a larger sum of money by using the car with the higher market value.

Keep in mind that the market value of a car might not be the same as the amount of money someone could get for it in a private sale. Market value is often less than what an individual might pay for a particular car, so people should not feel offended if our valuation is less than what they believe they could sell the auto for. We can help demonstrate what the market value is for each car someone owns so they can get the largest sum possible.

Of course, if the money needed is less than the value of any individual car the potential borrower owns, the car used to secure the auto title loan is less important. The borrower will retain possession of any car they use to get a loan – one of the most convenient aspects of borrowing money with LoanMart. If anyone is having trouble deciding between multiple autos that they own, they should feel free to speak with a LoanMart representative. We’re easy to get in touch with; give us a call or chat with us online and we can help our customers make a final decision.