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The average Title Loan on a BMW 3-Series from LoanMart is $3,230 with an average mileage of 135,857 on the odometer. Below is a list of average for a few different models of the BMW 3-Series:

MakeModelYearAvg. MileageAvg. Loan

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As you can see, there is an exponential spike in prices after the 2012 model, which may mean that even newer models could see a larger loan amount, but keep in mind that the funding amount is determined with factors including alterations to the interior and exterior.

The BMW 3-Series is a luxury car from the German automaker BMW, and is a successor to the 02 series vehicle that stopped production in 1977. The 3-Series has gone through several iterations (including many boxy shapes in the 70s and 80s) until finally being the sleek and sexy compact executive car that it is today. The BMW 3-Series gets a luxurious 43 miles to the gallon the highway while having a horsepower of up to 320. The most interiors have leather seats, comfortable space, and the highest tech in the HUD area.

One thing that can take the fun out of any joyride in a BMW 3-Series is a financial snag that sticks around in your brain like a migraine. Maybe the thought crossed your mind about giving up your favorite thing on four wheels to take care of this financial crisis.  Well, LoanMart is here to help you out of your tight spot and get you and auto title loan1!

An auto title loan is based on the equity of your BMW 3-Series vehicle and your ability to repay the loan, where LoanMart takes over as the lien holder to your title as a form of collateral. Unlike many alternative lenders, LoanMart does not take your keys—the title is the collateral and your keys are yours so that you may have free reign whenever you’d like! LoanMart doesn’t factor in your credit score in the decision making process either, which helps to expedite the already streamlined application and qualification process.

LoanMart has plenty of special features to benefit their customers. There is no obligation to continue with the process once you’ve qualified. LoanMart only needs a few pieces of documentation (I.D., Title, Proof of residency, and Proof of income) as well, so there’s not a big messy heap of paperwork to deal with. LoanMart offers flexible and affordable payment plans that makes their auto title loans as low risk as possible!

Are you ready to get started? LoanMart has made the fast track to a better financial existence all the more easy. They’ve even made getting started easy: Click Apply Now at the top of the screen, Chat Now to chat with an in-house rep, or call 1-800-LoanMart to speak with someone first hand to get the 411!