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If own a Ford F350 and you’ve found yourself holding a bill you weren’t expecting, you may think you need to sell your truck to cover it. Did you know you may be able to use your truck’s title as collateral for a car title loan from LoanMart1? The average mileage on a Ford F350 used for a car title loan from LoanMart is 123,909 and the average loan amount is $11,428. You can use the chart below to see a breakdown of average mileages and loan amounts for F350s from 2004 through 2015. Use it to estimate the amount of money you might be able to get for a car title loan from LoanMart1.

MakeModelYearAvg. MileageAvg. Loan

As you can see, car title loans for older cars tend to be less1.

The Ford F350’s diesel V-8 provides drivers with incredible pulling power. Perhaps unexpectedly, it’s also highly-maneuverable. These traits, along with its many other features, have made it an enduring favorite among anyone needing to haul anything. If you’re one of the F350’s many adherents, you’ll be happy to know that you may not have to give up your truck to pay for an unforeseen expense.

LoanMart may be able to help you pay for your unexpected expense by giving you a car title loan on your F3501. The amount that you may be able to borrow will depend on a few different things. The equity in your truck will determine the maximum amount of money you can borrow. Your monthly income will determine how much you can afford to pay back each month.

Your car title loan will use your car’s title as collateral for your loan1. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to drive your F350 just like normal as long as you make your monthly payments on time. Because the loan will be secured, you can usually get more money and a better interest rate than you would normally be able to with an unsecured loan, like a payday loan1. Lenders are often able to offer better terms for secured loans because they can repossess the borrower’s collateral if they default.

If you have a Ford F350 with a qualifying title in your name, it may help you qualify for a car title loan worth $30,0001. Because of LoanMart’s streamlined process, you may get your title loan money in as little as one business day3. Call LoanMart at 1-877-787-4923, apply online, or find a participating store near you.

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