Utah Residents Can Get Title Loans

For what is considered one of the snowiest states in the country, there are colder things that Utah residents may be worried about: Finances. In the case of a financial emergency or needing to pay things that you have no income for, what are some things that can guarantee cash now? The answer is easier than you think. Getting secured loans like title loans could be your solution to fast funding when a snowstorm of payments need to be addressed.

Utah Residents and Secured Loans Like Title Loans

For Utah residents unfamiliar with title loans, they are a type of secured loan. A car title is given to you during the purchase of your car. In exchange of your car’s title as a collateral, you can then get the money that you need. As a matter of fact, when getting title loans at LoanMart, you’re not just getting fast funding, you’re also getting these advantages1:
  • Repayment period that ranges from 12 to 48 months
  • No unexpected penalty fees as a result from early payments
  • Available loans for many, all types of credit are encouraged to apply
  • LoanMart’s competitive rates
  • Plenty more!

Utah Residents and Title Loans from LoanMart

Interested? Great! Then all we need from Utah Residents is a few easy-to-find documents. These include a government ID, proof of residence, proof of income, a few photos of the vehicle, and the title from your car (a copy of that will do). Once you got what we need, just follow these three easy steps:
  1. You can apply with LoanMart either by phone, online, or even through our mobile app
  2. You can then send all those documents to us via text, email, or even in person. You may receive approval fast1
  3. Time to choose how you will be paid, which can be from either check, electronic transfer or by stopping by one of the participating stores
Have any more questions or concerns about us? Not to worry because you can either give us a call or stop by a participating store for more information. Locations for Title Loans in Utah require no need for an appointment, just have the documents we need and one of our very helpful agents will help get you that fast money you need1.