Emergency Cash for Medication, Emergency Medical Equipment, and Procedures Not Covered by Insurance

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Emergency Cash for Medication, Emergency Medical Equipment, and Procedures Not Covered by Insurance

Are you wondering if the healthcare assistance you need is covered by your insurance provider? It can be shocking just how many medications, emergency medical equipment, and medical procedures are not covered by insurance.

Here are some of the broader medications, emergency medical equipment, and medical procedures that are typically not covered by most insurance companies, as well as how LoanMart may be able to help you get that emergency cash with title loans1. But what are title loans? With years of experience in title loans, LoanMart may get you the best deal on title loans you need for medical expenses not covered by insurance.

What medication is not covered by insurance?

If you don’t know if a certain kind of medicine, equipment for medical purposes, or a certain kind of medical procedure is covered in your personal insurance plan, you might want to check with your specific insurance provider.

Sometimes, different medications are covered under certain plans, but not under others. If you want to know if a specific medication you may need is covered by your insurance, you should speak with them directly.

However, many times if a certain medication you are looking for is not covered by insurance, there is a generic brand that is covered by insurance. These generic brands of medication usually perform the same function as the other kinds of medication, but comes at a cheaper cost to both you and the insurance company.

What emergency medical equipment is not covered by insurance?

Again, if you need certain emergency medical equipment, check with your individual insurance provider to see if it is covered by your insurance plan.

Some common medical equipment that may not be covered by insurance is:

  • Stair lift – There are kinds of bone, joint, or muscle damage that can make climbing the stairs extremely difficult. A stair lift can help those people reach all the levels of their home without causing them extreme pain. But a stair lift is not always covered by insurance because it is not always “necessary.” This can be frustrating, especially if you have a home with multiple flights of stairs.
  • Hearing Aids – When people have trouble hearing, they may be able to have a hearing aid put in, so they can be more aware of the sounds around them. But hearing aids are not always covered by insurance plans.
  • Electric Wheel Chairs – Electric wheel chairs can be covered by insurance, but the process to get one paid for can be extremely lengthy and time consuming. There are various required doctor visits that must be had before a person may qualify for an electric wheel chair to be paid for by their insurance. If you are willing to jump through the hoops, this may be a good option for you.

What medical procedures are not covered by insurance?

  • Blepharoplasty – This procedure is essentially an eye lift. But contrary to popular belief, an eye lift isn’t always just for cosmetic purposes. As people get older, sometimes their upper eye lids can start to sag, and even make it difficult to see. The upper eyelid skin can sag enough to also push the eyelashes downward where they can also obstruct ones vision. A blepharoplasty can help people see better, drive more safely, and have more control over the use of their eyes.
  • Lasik – Lasik surgery is a laser treatment to the eyeballs that can eliminate the need for glasses or contacts. The reason that Lasik surgery is not covered by most insurance companies is that it is not a “necessary” procedure. To most insurance companies, glasses and contact make the need for Lasik nonexistent.
  • Infertility Treatment – Infertility treatment is also something that is not usually covered by insurance plans. It is not necessary to have a baby, even though many people dream of having children all their lives. Unfortunately, infertility treatment is an expensive endeavor that is typically not covered by insurance.

How to pay for medication, emergency medical equipment, and procedures that are not covered by insurance

When you have health needs that are not covered by your insurance provider, things can seem daunting. Here are a few tips on how to make some extra money so you can pay for the medicine, equipment, or procedures you may need that might not be covered by your insurance company.

  • Get a second job – Working on the weekends or for a few hours after your regular job might be a great way to bring in some extra cash. That way, you can dedicate all the funds you earn from your second job to your medical expenses and not have to touch the money you have regularly coming in from a main job.
  • Sell your old things – They say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and that could be true for that stuff you may have just sitting around! You can sell your things through the LetGo app, through Facebook market, on Ebay, or even on Amazon—if you would like to sell your things electronically. You could also have a garage sale and sell your things to people in person.
  • Cook at home instead of eating out – Cooking at home instead of eating out for your meals can actually save you money that you could use to pay for your medical expenses. When you cook at home, there is a chance you may have leftovers—which you can eat as another meal. When you eat out, you have to purchase each of your meals individually, and you might not have enough left for another meal later on. Save money by buying groceries once a week instead of purchasing your meals multiple times a day.

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