How can I Afford to Pay for a Divorce?

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Divorce can be expensive. Title loans as emergency cash can be help you cover the initial costs, but if you are worried about how you’ll afford it, there are things you can do to lower the cost. There are also several services designed to provide affordable divorces but remember that LoanMart may get you fast cash from title loans1, and we will tell you how! What goes into the cost of divorce can also factor into how much money you need to settle your divorce case.

What are some things I can do to reduce the cost of divorce?

When people think of divorce, they often think about an angry, bitter couple yelling at each other while their lawyers sit back and add up their billable hours. It can be like this, but it doesn’t have to be. You can do things like:

  • Have an Uncontested Divorce: Essentially, an uncontested divorce is when both spouses don’t have any issues to resolve that can impact the divorce. This means they have come to an agreement on things like how to split any savings or property and child custody. Depending on the financial complexity of the marriage, if there are any children, and the state of the relationship between the spouses in general, getting an uncontested divorce can be quite simple.
  • Engage in Mediation, Not Litigation: If you can treat your divorce as a collaborative effort to solve the problem of dividing your assets and keep it from becoming an adversarial attempt to get as much out of the other person as possible it will help keep the costs down.
  • Work Out as Many Issues as Possible Outside the Court: If you are in a courtroom or your lawyers are talking, it costs you money. Any issues you and your spouse can work out beforehand will save you money down the road. It may even be possible to resolve everything yourselves, write it up, and just have your lawyer check it over to make sure there are no issues.
  • Convert Assets to Cash: It will be easier to divide up a pile of cash than it would be to decide who gets the car and who gets the house.
  • Understand the various fee structures that lawyers use when charging for divorces.

How much do lawyers charge for a divorce?

There are a few different ways that lawyers can charge you for a divorce:

  • Flat Fee: If your divorce is relatively simple your lawyer may charge you a flat fee, because they have a good sense for how complicated and long the process will be. Be aware though, if things turn out to be more complicated than initially believed, you may incur additional fees.
  • Tasked-Based: If your divorce is not complicated, you may be able to work out the majority of it with your spouse. Once you have something written up, you attorney can review the document and help you address any problems or work through any remaining issues.
  • Hourly: This is just as it sounds; the lawyer charges you an hourly rate. The actual rate may vary however. For example, if one of the lawyer’s assistants performs a task, the rate you are charged may be lower than if the lawyer does it themselves.

Do I need to use a lawyer for my divorce?

It is possible for you to get through you divorce without a lawyer. If you do though, you’ll may need to spend extra time researching and understanding things like the particulars of court proceedings. There are websites that can help guide you through the paperwork and many family courts have a self-service divorce center. Some are staffed by local lawyers who volunteer their time to answer questions for people divorcing without an attorney. Other centers simply have resource books.

Is there a way I can get my spouse to pay for my legal fees?

There might be. Depending on the local laws, the divorce fees might be divided based on the difference in each partner’s income. If you’re involved in a particularly wealthy divorce, several million to divide, there are firms that specialize in that and take payment upon the completion of the divorce. If doing the work yourself is not an option and you can’t find a lawyer willing to be paid after the settlement, you may have to look for other ways to pay.

How can I raise money to pay for my divorce?

There’s a number of things you can do to raise money to pay for your divorce:

  • Borrow Money from Friends or Family: They may be able to loan you money interest-free or for a lower amount of interest than a bank.
  • Sell Things You Don’t Need Anymore: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure after all. You may need to be careful if you do this. You should double check that it won’t have any implications for your divorce.
  • Use Savings: You may not want to do things like pay early-withdrawal fees or deplete your savings, but you could end up paying considerably more if you don’t get good representation.

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