How to Get an Affordable Loan in Florida

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Are you in need of some affordable funding in Florida? If you are unsure of which direction to look or exactly what you need, it can be overwhelming to take in the abundance of loan options that are available.

The numerous lending options can further complicate your research if you aren’t quite sure what’s affordable for your financial situation or what you could qualify for. Sometimes you just need someone to help you get started and guide you through the terrain so you can make the most well-informed decision possible.

This article will first give an overview of the various funding options available in Florida. The differences between these funding options will be explained and explored in-depth. Then, the article will go over what title loans serviced by LoanMart are, and how they may be the funding option you’re looking for.

Funding Options for Residents in Florida

  1. Borrowing Money from Family or Friends

Getting some temporary funding to tide you over until your next payday by borrowing from friends or family can be a great option. It is an extremely affordable lending option as family doesn’t usually charge interest. However, this option isn’t available to everyone and some people would prefer to keep their finances separate from their personal relationships—which is understandable.

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  1. Credit Cards

Using a line of credit to temporarily cover your bills or cover a last-minute unexpected expense can be a good way to get funding when you need it. You pay it back over time by making the minimum monthly payments (or more if you are able). Though sometimes it can be difficult to qualify for the amount of credit you need if you don’t have a high credit score.

  1. Personal Loan

There is also the option of obtaining a more traditional loan from a bank or a credit union. These can be good options because you can get a larger chunk of money to cover your needs. But these loans can be pretty difficult to qualify for if you don’t have perfect credit history. Personal loans can also take quite a while to qualify for!

What Sets Car Title Loans Apart?

Another great option for affordable funding in Clearwater, Florida is a title loan serviced by LoanMart1. Car title loans are a type of secured installment loan that uses the borrower’s car as collateral for the amount lent. Title loans serviced by LoanMart are different from other loan options in Florida because they are more accessible to individuals with less than perfect credit1.

Why Are Title Loans More Affordable Than Other Loans?

Title loans serviced by LoanMart work hard to make funding affordable for many people1. How? The monthly loan payments are personalized to be manageable and the loan itself comes with numerous benefits.

This type of loan offers borrowers extremely competitive interest rates, flexible terms, long repayment duration, and more.

What Customers Have Said

Thus far, customers have been overwhelmingly pleased with their title loan experience with title loans serviced by LoanMart. They appreciate the affordability, convenience, and flexibility offered by title loans serviced by LoanMart.

Here is just a sampling of what some customers have said:

“They gave me more options than any bank I went to.” — Carlos

“It was quick, easy, and convenient.” — Carmine

Easy Process for an Affordable Loan in Clearwater, Florida

The first step in the inquiry process is to fill out a simple application on the website. This quick and easy form will ask some general information about who you are, what type of car you drive, and what your current financial situation is like.

The second step in the process is to send in a few documents. Some of the required paperwork includes a government-issued photo ID, proof of residence, proof of income, a valid car title in your name, photos of your car, and references.

The third step in the process is to pick up your money once you’ve been approved. You can conveniently obtain your money from any MoneyGram location in Florida. If approved, you could even receive your title loan money in as little as one business day1!

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