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You’ll always see articles on life hacks that no one really knew about because we weren’t taught, or there was a miscommunication somewhere along the line. But, what about saving money? Here are 14 awesome life hacks to save money in different parts of your life:

  1. Clear browsing history
  2. Ask for promotions
  3. Wait on big purchases
  4. Paint the roof white
  5. Dine at culinary school
  6. Buy a water filter
  7. Brew your own coffee
  8. Become flexitarian
  9. Buy generic
  10. Lower the brightness on devices
  11. Carry cash
  12. Build credit
  13. Exercise
  14. Drink water before you eat

Life Hacks to Save Money

1.      Clear Browsing History

When you are shopping online and trying to compare prices, make sure you clear your cache and browsing history. Online companies follow your searches based on cache and history, so they try to raise the prices based on their collected information.

Another trick to keep in mind when purchasing online is to check out as a guest because new customers tend to get the lower prices.

2.      Ask and Receive

Most companies offer promotions and discounts, just so you will stay with them, but they aren’t vocal about these promotions. By contacting your gas, phone, internet, or credit card company, you could work with them to help get you better rates and lower costs.

3.      Wait on Big Purchases

Waiting until the end of the month to make a large purchase on big items could save you a lot of money. Sales representatives have quotas to meet and waiting until the end of the month can benefit you if the month has been slow. With slow sales, the representatives may be more willing to give you a discount to make a sale – and meet their quota.

4.      Paint Roof White

It may seem bizarre but painting your roof white could save thousands on your electric bill. Dark colors are the most common roofing color, but dark colors also absorb heat. In the summer when the sun is shinning on the roof, you are probably spending more money on air conditioning. The upfront investment to paint the roof could lead to long-term savings while you live there.

5.      Dine at Culinary School

Dining out at restaurants can get expensive. Culinary schools offer the opportunity to eat there except for half the price of a normal 5-course meal. Not only will you get the food you probably would’ve ordered at the traditional restaurant, but you could also have the chance to try foods you normally may not buy because it would be expensive. At Culinary Schools, you can get a good discount.

6.      Buy a Water Filter

Imagine all the money you spend on water bottles through the year. Not only that, but all those plastic bottles fill up the land fills and wind up in the oceans. To help save you money and save the environment, investing in a water filter could even help your health. The process that home filters use can sometimes be better than the water in the bottle.

7.      Brew Your Own Coffee

Instead of spending anywhere from $3-$5 on average from the coffee shop, you could brew your own coffee at home just how you like it. By making your own cup, you knock the price down from $3 per cup to about $0.25 per cup for coffee.

8.      Become Flexitarian

Flexitarian is someone who is flexible with how they eat. You’re not a vegetarian, but you don’t eat a lot of meat either. With meat prices, eating vegetarian 2-3 times a week could wind up saving you a lot of extra cash on the grocery bill.

9.      Buy Generic

Almost all name brand items have the same ingredients as the generic brands. You could potentially save thousands of dollars just by switching from the name brand companies to the generic. Sometimes, the generic food brands can even taste just as good as the name brand.

10.   Lower Brightness on TV and Computer Screen

Lowering the brightness on your digital devices at home is not only good for your eye health, but it can also reduce your power consumption up to 40%. That means you’ll be saving on your electric bill every single month. The default setting is usually boosted all the way up to make it look good when you are looking at the store.

11.  Carry Large Dollar Bills

Carrying money has shown that if you pay with cash or card, you’ll likely spend less when you have cash. Since you actually see the money physically disappearing when you make purchases, you can save yourself from making impulse buys that you would otherwise make with a card.

12.  Build Credit

No matter what your credit score is, you always want to build it. While it can give you a better loan rate to have a better credit score, utility and insurance companies are also starting to use credit scores to determine your monthly premiums.

13.  Exercise

Exercising daily can limit your number of trips to the doctor. In turn, this means less and lower medical bills that you have to pay for those visits.

14.  Drink Water Before Eating

People tend to overeat because they mistake thirst for hunger. Not only will drinking water before you eat help you digest your food better, but it can also give you a better sense of whether or not you are actually hungry. This will help you save money on meals and snacks!

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