Can You Get a Title Loan on a Totaled Car?

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Can you get a title loan on a totaled car with LoanMart? Unfortunately, even with the title in hand, if the vehicle is not drivable because of an accident, LoanMart will not be able to accept it as a form of collateral for you car title loan.

LoanMart offers car title loans to customers across the nation from all walks of life. You may be curious about what types of vehicles are generally accepted as collateral for a title loan, so that you may put a little extra cash in your pocket while still driving about town. Well you’re in luck, because LoanMart accepts many different kinds of drivable motor vehicles with free-and-clear titles. That being said, unfortunately, we will not be able to accept a vehicle deemed totaled from a prior accident or collision.

LoanMart accepts, new models, older models, and even classic cars for car title loans! Based on the equity of your drivable motor vehicle, you may be able to qualify for $50,000in funding in as little as one business day3!

LoanMart DOES accept vehicles that have been restored, even if the title is on a “salvaged” car. You may not get as much if it was not restored from a total loss but you still may qualify!

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Benefits of LoanMart Car Title loans

LoanMart: The Right Choice for Car Title Loans

Since 2002, LoanMart has been the industry leader in alternative lending across the nation. LoanMart has provided customers from Chicago to San Diego industry competitive rates, a friendly staff of 260-plus, and local participating lenders to get you your funds in no time! LoanMart can be much easier to deal with than a traditional lender, (like a bank or credit union), because we treat our customers like family. We know that other lenders can drag out the process, making it mentally and physically straining and daunting.

Did we mention that your credit score is no longer a factor in the approval process? Credit scores may reflect rough times in your past, but we’re more concerned with the here and now!

Benefits of a Car Title Loan with LoanMart

If you’ve been hesitant about a loan in the past, chances are it pertained to the possibility of a drooping credit score or the fact that you didn’t want to divulge personal information with someone you didn’t know. LoanMart assures you that your security is priority number one—rest easy when you work with LoanMart for your title loan!  Your representative will let you know that our encrypted network fights the good fight in cyberspace and keeps your information from falling into the wrong hands.

Interested? How to Apply for a Car Title Loan with LoanMart:

LoanMart makes getting in touch with us to apply for a title loan seamlessly. Want to begin? Here’s how:

  • Call us at 1-800-LoanMart toll-free.
  • Visit one of our participating partner lenders near you.
  • Click ‘Chat Now’ to try the live chat feature, with one of our agents!

Once you find out if you’ve been approved or not, you’ll need to submit these pieces of documentation so that you can be closer on your way to your funding:

  • Your state-issued photo ID (a Driver’s License is ideal)
  • Proof of qualifying free-and-clear vehicle title with your name on it (as the term ‘title loan’ implies)
  • Proof of residence (such as a bill or piece of mail)
  • Proof of income (a paystub or form of annuity)

Features of LoanMart’s Car Title Loans

We have dozens of features that will help customers get acclimated to having a title loan, whether they’re an expert or new to the process. Here are just a few of our great customs:

  • There are ZERO fees for inquiries about loans and the application process. On top of this, there aren’t any underlying predatory fees: we will never try to trick you or confuse you.
  • LoanMart agents are available 7 days a week to answer any inquiry you may have. They will walk you through the title loan process from initial inquiry to funding!
  • Industry-competitive rates and flexible payment periods will give you the freedom to put together a schedule that will work for both LoanMart and you!
  • Online account access allows you to make payments and see all the information about your loan and payment schedule.
  • As previously mentioned, LoanMart is up to the times and the new LoanMart app is as tech savvy as it gets!

Now That I Have My Funds…

…you are free to utilize your car title loan funding in any manner you see fit. As the newest member of our family, we hope that you’re safe and responsible with your funds. Here’s what several of our customers use their funding for:

  • Paying Bills and Credit Cards
  • Gifts during the Holidays
  • Medical/Funeral Expenses
  • Vacation Expenses
  • Taking the Plunge: Marriage and Engagement
  •  …and many, many more!

LoanMart realizes how inconvenient life can be sometimes and we want to get you the financial help you need for any situation. Good or bad, we believe that everyone should be able to get back on the right track. A car title loan will keep you behind the wheel of your car while also giving you the extra money you need. If your car is in good shape and you think that you need the money, it won’t hurt or even cost you anything to get in touch and find out what you can obtain. Call us today or click chat now and get started with LoanMart!

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