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Getting a title loan without doing a vehicle inspection is possible. There are many factors that come into the decision-making process to getting your title loan, such as the condition of your vehicle and your ability to repay your loan. So how can you apply for a title loan with no vehicle inspection? At LoanMart, we have come up with a creative and convenient solution. We even work with you if you have bad or less than ideal credit. We want you to be able to reestablish a better financial situation, so we work with you to come up with terms that work for you. Your credit also does not hinder your ability to get a car title loan.

How does LoanMart do their vehicle inspections?

LoanMart does a visual vehicle inspection for most cars. The condition of your vehicle is one of the factors in determining how much we can lend you. Having a newer vehicle doesn’t always mean you will get more money. We also consider the condition of the car as well. You could have a 2016 Toyota Camry, but if the car has lots of dents, high mileage or heavy body damage, you may not get as much as if you had a 2013 Toyota Camry in Excellent Condition with low mileage. While those aren’t the only conditions for how much you will receive for your car title loan, but this is something to consider, especially if you have multiple vehicles you could use as collateral. For more information on how we decide which cars qualify, please refer to this link.

How can I begin the car title loan process?

LoanMart has many useful tools at your disposal for when you are ready to apply for car title loans in Florida and many other states. You can use any of the following to apply with LoanMart for a title loan:

  • Online with our LoanMart Website
  • By calling 1-855-422-7412 and speaking with a LoanMart representative
  • Texting us 1-818-315-8741
  • Using the LoanMart Mobile App

When you apply, you will need some documentation available to make the process quicker. You do not have to apply in person, and you don’t need to bring your vehicle in to apply. We have streamlined the car title loan process so that you don’t have to wait to get paid. You can apply online at your convenience. By having the following documents, we can work quickly to get you approved. You will need:

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  • A car title to a qualifying car in your name. A qualifying car can be new or old, as long as the vehicle is drivable and in good condition.
  • A government-issued ID (driver’s license, state ID, valid passport, etc.) so we may identify who you are.
  • Proof of income (such as paystubs, invoices, SS income statement or bank account statements) to show that you can repay the loan.
  • Proof of residence (such as a recent utility bill).

Having less than ideal credit is not heavily influential in our deciding process. We are more interested in your ability to repay the car title loan so don’t let your past financial history stop you from trying to improve your current financial state. LoanMart has been helping people get approved for car title loans for over ten years, so we make sure that you get a car title loan with terms that suit you and your ability to repay.1

How can I send my documentation if I choose to do everything online?

You can fax, email or text us pictures of your documents, and our helpful agents are available to help you, wherever you are. We will need photos of your vehicle in addition to other documents for the vehicle title loan process. We have several ways you can send them to us as well. You can:

  • Email them to
  • Text them to 1-818-315-8741
  • Drop them off at any participating store location

If you need help at any point, you can call us at 1-855-422-7412 or use our Live Chat feature online and a helpful agent can assist you. LoanMart will need pictures of your vehicle to verify the condition  for our vehicle inspection. While you don’t need your car present when you apply for a car title loan, we still need some sort of proof that you own the qualifying vehicle for your car title loans in Cleveland. We require pictures of the following:

  • You will need proof  of car insurance and registration
  • Pictures of the front and back of the vehicle
  • Pictures of the driver and passenger side of the vehicle
  • A picture of you sitting in the vehicle
  • A clear picture of the VIN, plate and the odometer

Do you have any tips for taking pictures for appraisal?

The value and condition of your vehicle will be taken into consideration greatly, so your pictures need to be clear and framed correctly. When you line up your vehicle, make sure to take the pictures in good lighting, such as outdoor, daylight. Make sure your car is clean so that dirt might not be mistaken as wear and tear. Line up your car so that we can see the bottom of the tires to a few inches above the top of your car. We evaluate the vehicle with these pictures so if you need more money, try to remember that and reflect that when you take pictures of your vehicle. You believe your vehicle is priceless and so should we.

Once you have established contact with LoanMart, be ready to provide the necessary documentation, and we will have a representative contact you to go over the terms of your car title loan. We make sure the process works in your favor, so the repayment terms are reasonable for you.

If you have any questions about the process, give LoanMart a call at 1-855-422-7412, visit us at any of our participating stores, apply online or use your mobile device to apply with LoanMart. We also have a Live Chat feature on our website if you wish to speak to a representative. When you are ready to apply, then you can begin the application process whenever you are ready and get paid when you need it.