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If you are working out a financial plan to cover the cost of that upcoming rent payment, then you may wish money grew on trees. But do not despair!

There may be plenty of emergency cash options available to you. In fact, one of the best options for quick and affordable funding may be a car title loan!

Financial Options when Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

If an unexpected financial obligation has you stressing out, know that you have various cash options to consider! Though money does not grow on trees, you can work a side job or apply for a loan to get the financial relief you need for those bills.

Side Jobs for Fast Money

There are various side jobs you could do to receive quick emergency cash since money doesn’t grow on trees, take a look:

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  • Delivering Food: By picking up takeout orders and delivering them around the city, you could make quick money! You don’t even need to use your car, as you could easily deliver takeout by scooter or bike. Depending on the speed and service, you may even be able to earn extra money through tips. Options include working for Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, or Postmates.
  • Driving People: By signing up for Uber or Lyft, you could make money by driving people around the city. Set your own hours and choose which rides you complete. As with delivering food, you may also be able to earn extra money in tips.
  • Perform Manual Labor: If you have labor experience, such as painting, mounting TVs, or even building Ikea furniture, you could join TaskRabbit as a tasker. You can set your own rates and choose which projects you want to do. You may even earn tip money!
  • Sell Items Online: If you have any items around your home that you are willing to part with, consider selling them online! You can sell just about anything online, such as clothes, appliances, electronics, toys, and more. Use sites like eBay or Poshmark.

Loans for Fast Money

While working a side job could help you earn fast cash, you may be expected to wait for that first initial paycheck. If you need financial support today, then a loan may be a better option.

  • Payday Loan: One of the most popular loan options for fast money, this type of unsecured loan gives eligible borrowers fast cash. The downside is that repayment is expected within two weeks–which can be stressful. The interest rates can also be excessively high.
  • Bank Loan: Banks may be able to provide more funding than emergency loans but that depends on your credit. If you have bad credit, you may have a hard time qualifying for a traditional bank loan. In addition, the approval process could take longer than a day, which may not be ideal for your current situation.
  • Pawn Shop Loan: If you have any valuable possessions, you may be tempted to use them as collateral to get fast money. Pawnshop loans may not be able to lend you that much money though, and the interest rates can make the repayment process a nightmare.
  • Car Title Loan: A form of secured funding, you will need a car in your name to qualify. But unlike pawn shop loans, you don’t lose possession of your asset during the repayment process. The amount you could borrow is not dependent on your credit score but the equity in your car and your ability to repay the loan.

Choose Title Loans Since Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Title loans are a great option when money doesn’t grow on trees and you need to pay an upcoming bill as soon as possible. Unlike other emergency loan options, approval is not based on your financial history! Lots of people go through hard times, and you should not be penalized for previous financial hiccups.

Title Loans serviced by LoanMart are one option among many, but eligible borrowers could look forward to affordable payments, competitive rates, and complete transparency! The inquiry process may only require a few minutes of your time and you may be able to receive the money you need the same day!1, 3 So if you can’t afford to wait for emergency money, get started on the title loan process with Title Loans serviced by LoanMart today!

Showing Proof of Income for Title Loans Since Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

When deciding eligibility, title loan agents focus on your ability to repay the money and the equity in your car. If you do not currently work a traditional job because you are unemployed or retired, know that you may still be deemed eligible! As long as you can show proof of your ability to make monthly payments on time, you could qualify.

As proof of income, an inquirer could show:

  • Bank Statements
  • Workers Compensation Letter
  • Annuity Statements
  • Social Security Benefit Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • And Much More!

Since Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees Can I Use My Car Title as Collateral?

While it is unfortunate that money does not grow on trees, the good news is that title loans are still a viable option! But will your car title qualify as collateral for emergency money?

Title Loans serviced by LoanMart work with various types of cars! So whether you have a sedan, coupe, electric, or economy car, you could potentially use the title to secure fast money as long as the vehicle’s resale value is sufficient!1 But how can you find the current resale value of your car?

Title Loans serviced by LoanMart offer free estimates for title loans online! By hopping online and answering a few questions about your car, you can see how much money you could get with title loans.

For an accurate estimate, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Vehicle Year
  • Make and Model
  • Style of the Car
  • Current Mileage

The estimate you may receive is based on the current market value of your car. While most cars could be eligible for title loans, the amount you could obtain is dependent on the resale value. Some car makes and models are more popular than others, and thus are worth more money.

If you only have one car in your name and it is an older car with high mileage, you may think that makes you ineligible for Title Loans serviced by LoanMart. But that is just not true! Just because a car is older or has high mileage does not mean it is valueless. While you may not be eligible for a large title loan, you could still obtain the amount you need to handle your bills.

How to Inquire for Title Loans Since Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Since money does not grow on trees, you may have to turn to loans when you need fast money. Luckily, Title Loans serviced by LoanMart has a quick and easy inquiry process.

If you inquire by noon, it is possible to receive the money you need by the evening!1, 3 Why go through the lengthy process of a bank loan when you need financial support now?

Take a look at the simple 3 step process for Title Loans serviced by LoanMart:

Step 1: Submit an Inquiry

The first step of the title loan approval process is to make an inquiry. To start online, use the easy-to-navigate title loan inquiry form. You will need to answer some questions about your car and if eligible, you can then submit your contact details to be contacted by a title loan agent. If you prefer to speak directly with a title loan agent, you can just call the toll-free number 1 (855) 422-7412.

Step 2: Submit Your Documents

If the vehicle is pre-approved in your state, you can start submitting your required documentation! You will be asked to provide proof of identification, proof of address, proof of income, a car title in your name, photos of your car, and references.

With Title Loans serviced by LoanMart, you can conveniently upload all of your paperwork online! There is no need to mail your documents or visit a store in person to drop them off. Scan your documents onto a computer or take pictures using your smartphone.

Step 3: Get Your Money from a Title Loan Not a Tree

Once your information is reviewed and verified, you could be fully approved for a title loan! Money may not grow on trees but the approval process for Title Loans serviced by LoanMart is just as convenient! You can even choose how you wish to receive your emergency money. Choose to get direct deposit, a check in the mail, or to visit a MoneyGram location near you.

Since you can’t grow money on a tree, just turn to Title Loans serviced by LoanMart for convenience and fast cash!1 Call 1 (855) 422-7412 TODAY!

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