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Life is unpredictable, and accidents happen, which may leave your beloved car damaged. These kinds of situations can leave people with fear that they have lost their vehicle forever, but there might still be a chance to get your car operable again. If you repair the salvaged car after an accident or severe damage, the title may have an “R” placed on it, signaling that the car is deemed reconstructed and functional. Depending on how much damage was on the vehicle, there might be a chance that fixing your car could have taken a toll on your savings. If there’s an unexpected bill or expense that you must pay off immediately, you may not have enough money available after repairing your car. Out of all the loan options available to choose from to help you financially, you may have decided to go with a title loan.

If you need quick emergency cash, is it possible for you to use a reconstructed car to get a title loan? When you work with title loans serviced by LoanMart, you may be able to get the financial support you need with a reconstructed car!¹

How Much Money Can I Get When I Use a Reconstructed Car to Get a Title Loan?

When you use a reconstructed car to get a title loan, the amount of money you could get is dependent on two main factors, such as your income and the current value of your vehicle. Since your reconstructed car’s title would be used as collateral for the loan, the equity in the car must be sufficient. Collateral is important when inquiring about a title loan, as the lender will use it as a form of security to ensure the loan is paid back one way or another. The equity in your vehicle is also essential to you during this process, as the lender will use it to determine your principal loan amount. You can use LoanMart’s online calculator tool to find an estimate with a quote free of obligation.¹

To determine the equity of your car, a title loan agent will need to know the following details:

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  • Make, Model, and Style of the Vehicle: Your vehicle’s make, model, or style will contribute significantly to its value. Some makes or models often have more market value than others and that can actually slow their depreciation. If the car comes from a popular make or model, it would most likely hold a high-value rate, no matter what year the manufacturer made the vehicle. Some of the most popular cars in the world are the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Rav4, and Honda CR-V. If the car has significant fuel economy, it could also increase its value. The vehicle’s style, such as its color and technology packages, can also add a lot of value to the car. The style of a car usually refers to minivans, compact cars, sports cars, station wagons, and other cars.
  • The Year of the Vehicle: Recent models will typically have more value than older cars. As soon as a car is purchased and driven off the dealership lot, it will begin to depreciate in value.  A newer car or model will most likely mean it has less mileage, as the engine is used less. Lower mileage can significantly increase the equity in your car. But don’t be discouraged if you own an older vehicle, as it may still hold enough value if you have maintained the vehicle well enough! Classic cars, luxury cars, or cars from a popular make can also have a tremendous resale value. Despite the age of the vehicle, if it meets the right conditions and factors, it could still qualify for a title loan.¹
  • The Current Mileage of the Vehicle: The mileage on a car is important because it can provide a number amount to how much an engine has been used since the car was manufactured. A loan agent can verify this by examining the car’s odometer reading, which is located on the dashboard of the car. The current mileage on a car lets a lender know the vehicle’s life expectancy. If the mileage is high, the car might not last long. However, even if the mileage on the vehicle is high on its odometer reading, you could still qualify for a title loan.¹ 
  • The Current Condition of the Vehicle: It’s crucial to maintain the vehicle as much as possible since its condition is vital to a car’s value. Keeping the vehicle well enough could get a high value if you have kept the vehicle well enough.¹ When speaking about the condition of a vehicle, it refers to any damage to the interior/exterior surface of the car. The better the vehicle’s condition currently is, the larger the loan amount could potentially be.¹ Things to look out for when checking on your vehicle’s condition include a clean engine compartment, no mechanical malfunctions, and keeping the car clear of any visible damage. Typical damages can consist of scratches to the paint, dents, and severe rust.
  • Any Modifications Done to the Vehicle: In some instances, the modifications or alterations that you have made to your car can decrease its value. However, not all modifications have the same negative effect on your vehicle’s value. If you upgrade your vehicle’s engine or exhaust, it could potentially increase its worth! Be mindful before you decide to make any alterations to your car.

A loan agent uses the information listed above to determine the current equity of your car. This ultimately affects how much money you could get with a title loan. If you reconstructed your Kia Optima, it might be worth less than another that a mechanic did not have to repair, but you may still get a sizable loan.¹ You can still use a reconstructed car to get a title loan!¹

Your income is also an essential part of your eligibility for a title loan. It proves to a loan agent that you can afford to repay the loan amount in its entirety. After a loan agent determines that you can afford a loan, they will use the income level you have to establish the loan amount you would receive. You don’t need to have a 9-5 job to qualify for a title loan; you can use an alternative form of income.¹ 

With loan options like LoanMart, several loan terms are available that can be flexible and convenient to what you can afford.¹ If you want a huge amount of money, you need to have enough positive equity from your car with the income to support it.¹ It may be challenging if you have a repaired vehicle, but you could still get enough funding to help you in your time of need.¹

Can I Enjoy Title Loan Benefits when I Use a Reconstructed Car to Get a Car Title Loan?

Title loans can offer plenty of desirable benefits for borrowers, and you could make use of them if you qualify!¹ With title loans serviced by LoanMart, you may still be eligible for a loan even if you had to repair your car for damages.¹ Take a look at some of the benefits you could take advantage of when you use a reconstructed vehicle to get an auto title loan:

Get Competitive Rates¹

Interest rates vary with title loans, but you could receive competitive rates!¹ Your rates should not make repayment harder, which is why a loan agent bases this on up-to-date market analysis.

Affordable Loan Payments¹

While many loan options can be expensive and difficult to afford because of high-interest rates and multiple fees, car title loans can often give you loan terms that are flexible and convenient.¹ A representative from LoanMart can help you set up a payment schedule that can help you repay the loan without a problem.¹ LoanMart works to have your loan experience be the best one you could ever have. 

Superior Customer Service

Customer service should always be compassionate, convenient, and ideal. Title loans serviced by LoanMart can offer an unmatched customer service experience. If you have any questions or concerns about auto title loans, an expert from LoanMart can always help you clarify things and break them down for you. You can expect LoanMart to help you through the entire loan process by calling 855-277-4847!

Fast Title Loan Money³

The title loan process is designed to offer fast financial relief. When you use your reconstructed car to get a title loan, you could potentially get the emergency money you need the same day!¹,³ It only takes a few minutes to inquire about a title loan through the online portal. You can also submit the documents that are required to qualify through the same online method as well! 

There’s no need for you to wait an unnecessarily long time for the money you need now! You could get funded in as little as 24 hours!³

No Hidden Fees⁵

LoanMart works to be as transparent as possible with its customers, unlike other loan options. There are no hidden fees to surprise you out of nowhere and no balloon payments to be found.⁵ There are also no prepayment penalties to be stressed about.5 By paying off the loan amount early, you could save money by reducing the amount of interest you accumulate.

 Perfect Credit is Not Required¹

One of the many things that can make a title loan unique from other loan options is the idea that you can qualify despite your current credit history.¹ Since title loans are secured through collateral, people from all different kinds of financial backgrounds can be eligible for a title loan, no matter their credit score.¹ Although a loan agent may consider your credit during the inquiry process, it may not hinder your ability to use a reconstructed car to get a title loan.¹

Do I Need to Go Through a Vehicle Inspection When I Use a Reconstructed Car to Get an Auto Title Loan?

It’s understandable to worry about your car going through an inspection to qualify for a title loan after being repaired. While it is possible to use a reconstructed car to get a title loan, there is a vehicle inspection to keep in mind. Although LoanMart agents will ask you to provide documents to verify your vehicle and your information, you will not have to go through a traditional car inspection. You would only need to send a few pictures of your car online to cover this requirement. But don’t worry; despite the damages that were on your vehicle, you might still have enough positive equity to be eligible for a loan.¹

You will have to take clear and visible photos of your car’s front, back, and sides. You will also need photos of the odometer reading and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #). You can easily submit these pictures online, and it could only take a few minutes to find out if a loan agent approved you for a title loan.³

How to Use a Reconstructed Car to Get a Title Loan

If you want to use a reconstructed car to get a title loan and would like to inquire about one, know that the title loan process can often be far more convenient than other options.¹ The process is only three simple steps– online or over the phone!¹

Step 1: Inquire for a Title Loan with a Reconstructed Car

To start the title loan process, all you have to do is call a loan agent over the phone (855-277-4847), send an email (, or inquire directly online. A loan agent will ask you for basic personal information and car details to assess your eligibility. If qualified, a representative will ask you to submit some documents to continue the process.

Step 2: Uploading Documents for a Title Loan

A loan agent must verify your information to proceed with the title loan process. To do so, you will be asked  to provide the following documents:

  • Photos of the Reconstructed Car
  • Car Title with Your Name
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Income
  • A Few References

You can easily upload these documents online for convenience and speed.¹ 

Step 3: Getting Your Title Loan Money with a Reconstructed Car

Once a loan agent receives your documents, your information will be verified and confirmed. The loan agent will go over the repayment terms with you and ask you to sign an agreement. Ensure that you clearly understand the expectations set on you as a borrower.

It may be possible for you to use your reconstructed car to find a title loan when you work with title loans serviced by LoanMart!¹So, if you need emergency money, simply get started on the inquiry today!¹