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Can I Get a Car Title Loan in South Carolina if I am in a Different State?

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A car title loan is a loan where a vehicle’s title is put down as collateral against the loan. If an individual is interested in getting a car title loan in South Carolina, but lives in a different state they might be curious to whether South Carolina allows them to take out a car title loan or not. Each state including South Carolina is different when it comes to car title loans and it may be helpful to know about lending and borrowing laws before applying for a car title loan.

I Don’t live in South Carolina, Can I Get a Title Loan in South Carolina?

In order to get a car title loan in South Carolina, one must be resident of the state, so most likely if a person does not live in South Carolina, they cannot get a car title loan from there. Instead they need to seek out lenders in the state that they do live in. When it comes to navigating the different states with car title loans, people may find themselves in these scenarios when looking for a car title loan (in South Carolina or really any state):

  • I Just Moved to South Carolina – They may have to get a driver’s license for the state of South Carolina and then transfer their vehicle’s title to the state.
  • I AM NOT a Resident of South Carolina and My Car is Registered to the State (South Carolina) – They may have to get their title registered in the state they live in. After that, they can find out if title loans are legal in their state.
  • I Have More Than One Vehicle (safely running) Registered to the State of South Carolina– When looking into title loans everyone should let their lender know about all other vehicles, as this may increase the value of the loan. This applies for any state in the U.S (Keep in mind title loans can be only given out one at a time to the same person and the value of the vehicles cannot be combined).

So, for anything title related the  Department of Motor Vehicles  in the state in which one resides may be the most helpful. In addition having more than one vehicle may also be a benefit one when looking for a car title loan. The general rule for car title loans in the United States is this: The individual applying must live in the state, and have their vehicle registered to the state, in which they are applying for their car title loan in.

What Do I Need for A Car Title Loan In South Carolina?

In almost every state, including South Carolina a borrower needs to have a couple things:

  • A Lien-free title
  • A Government-Issued Photo ID (driver’s license, passport etc.)
  • Proof of Income (pay stubs, bank statements, invoices etc.)
  • Vehicle Inspection (pictures, in person, or online- lenders vary)
  • Proof of Residency (a utility bill, copy of lease, etc.)

Once these pieces of information are collected a lender will then figure out if that person can get a car title loan.

Is South Carolina A Good State to Get A Car Title Loan?

South Carolina is one of the states where car title loans are allowed to be given out. Like many states South Carolina does have its own sets of rules and regulations. South Carolina does have some rules in place to help protect borrowers so it may be a good state to look into title loans for.

Why Use LoanMart When Looking for a Car Title Loan?

LoanMart could make the car title loan process much quicker and easier:

  • We have been doing this for a long time
  • We service many states all across the United States including South Carolina
  • We may be able to get you money within twenty-four hours3
  • Our interest rates are competitive

To learn more or the get started with a car title loan reach out to us: give us a call, 877-787-4923, text, 818-521-2470 or email us at, You can also visit our website.

In order to get a car title loan in the state of South Carolina the individual must be a resident of the state, and have their vehicle registered to the state of South Carolina. This rule generally applies for most states across the country.

Inquire today and get your LoanMart car title loan money as soon as the next business day3!

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