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We all love our pets, but let’s face it: they can be pretty expensive. We spend thousands on our pets, so when you’re trying to save money, they can make it a little difficult. But, we don’t want to imagine life without them. Here is how to save money when you have a pet:

How to Save on Food

Depending on your style of living and how you feed your animal, it may be expensive if they require a certain brand of food. With different health issues or restrictions, they could require an expensive and organic brand. To save on these types of food, ask your vet about generic options and if the organic food is really worth it compared to any others.

Another way you can save on food is by looking up manufacturer coupons. Different companies offer coupons from 20-40% off to help with the costs, not to mention any savings or rewards you can take advantage of at your local store.

If you live with a roommate or have a friend that has the same type of pet as you, you could split bulk items like meds or food and wind up saving more by purchasing in bulk. You could save on not only food and meds but items, treats, and even toys.

How to Save on Grooming

It’s easy to find the products that you need for your pet along with any videos on how to groom based on your pet’s breed. Some pets only require some shampoo and a brush while others may require a little more intense product to help with any shedding.

While the products may seem expensive at first, it can save you hundreds on the groomer since it will all likely last you for months. For pets with special grooming requirements, sometimes groomers can even charge extra for their special care.

How to Save on Vet Visits

Saving on visits to the vet will ultimately be where you can save the most money. The first tip is to exercise your pet. Keeping them active and involved equals a happy and healthy pet. Proper exercise can help them maintain a steady health and diet. It can also help with behavioral issues to burn some energy.

Another tip is to stay current with their shots and pills. It is a lot cheaper to pay a little now for flea, tick, and heart worm prevention than it would be to pay for the vet visit if they have a heart worm or Lyme disease. It may seem moderately expensive, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Shopping around for vet services can make a difference. Sometimes it may seem a lot easier to go to the vet that’s right around the corner, but a mile or so down the road another vet could be almost $20 cheaper for their services and just as good. Make sure to do your research.

Brushing your pet’s teeth will not only ward away infection or unnecessary tooth loss, but it can add life to your pet. Starting the habit can save your pet from diseases and unwanted trips. You can buy a kit for cheap, or even get the treats that help clean their teeth.

Did you know you could vaccinate at home? It is possible to keep your pet updated on shots from your own home. Before doing so, talk to your vet about it or do some research if you would like to take the less expensive route of paying for vaccinations.

How to Save on Medications

While it may not be a guaranteed method to cheaper costs, you can purchase small medications like flea prevention online and save quite a bit. Sometime pets may require other supplements that are easily found online at places like Amazon.

How to Save on Toys and Treats

Toys from pet stores can be expensive and, let’s face it, many pets wind up destroying it within minutes of having it. You can go to the dollar store for toys or even use different household items to turn things into toys.

You can also make your own treats for your pets. While treats aren’t necessarily expensive, you can pay even less on treats by making them at home. There are recipes out there for cats and dogs, and you know how much healthier it can be for them without all those preservatives?

If you’re the type to dress your dog, you could probably save yourself some money on all the costumes. If you know your pet needs a little sweater or coat because of the climate you live in, make sure you have one. But, don’t go overboard on all the accessories. They might look cute, but this is a place where you can save yourself money because it’s not necessary.

Take Advantage of Apps

There are so many different apps out there, including ones for your pets. Some apps available will give you rewards for local pet stores or tell you where to get the nearest doggie daycare, dog parks and other pet services.

Consider Pet Insurance Options

Pet insurance may seem like a good idea for some, especially if you know your breed is more susceptible to health issues than others. Regardless, it may not be the best financial route for you. If your dog is higher risk for health issues, most pet insurances will require a higher premium.

As an alternative, consider a savings account with a decent interest rate so you can put money aside each month instead of paying for insurance.

Get Your Pet Spayed/Neutered

If you adopt a pet, the shelter will most likely spay or neuter them before you pick them up. If you have a pet that’s not, you should do so as soon as possible. While puppies and kitties are cute, and you think you could make a small profit, they can cost a lot more than you think. Spending the money to have your pet fixed is generally a lot more efficient than making them a parent.

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