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Yes and no. LoanMart does. Some do while others let you figure it out for yourself. Here are some of the ways LoanMart can assist you with obtaining a new valid copy of your vehicle title:


California has a bit of variety in the ways a customer can retrieve a new vehicle title including the 227 Form. A 227 form is a form that will act in place of a customers lost or stolen vehicle title. It is a simple process and a customer will only have to fill out a few sections, while labeling the title “stolen” or “lost”. After it has been filled out, you need to take the form to a notary of some kind at any participating local government building, including the bank, post office, library, or notary office. With this in mind, LoanMart will help you get that title without heading to the DMV location.


Arizona is the only state in which LoanMart resides that offers a same day title, making it the quickest and easiest process. Customers do not need to add the lien holder info since they can just pick up the title at the local DMV or LoanMart’s third party participant.

Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Utah

In the LoanMart service states of Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Utah, our customers won’t need any forms to fill out and would just need to hop on over to the DMV and add LoanMart as the lien holder. The folks at the DMV will provide you with an updated registration card with the lien holder information printed on it. The title itself would be sent directly from the DMV to our representatives at LoanMart. To avoid any further hassle, it would be wise to obtain the new title in the state that you’re registered in.

Call Our Team

Take the first step and call our toll-free hotline to speak with a specialist.

At LoanMart, our car title loans are different and so is our team, who cares about you and what your financial goals are. We do our best to minimize the risks of a typical car title loan, and work to help you find something that may cause that loan to pass you by. Find out more about what we can offer you by beginning the application process now, whether you have your vehicle title or not.  We’ll give you a free quote with no obligation so you can really decide if a car title loans are a good idea for you.

Did you know: if you’ve lost your vehicle’s title, car title loan lender Loanmart can help you in the retrieval process?

Specializing in car title loans, LoanMart needs the valid car title of your drivable vehicle before your car title loan application is approved, so that you can receive the funds you need for whatever life throws at you. If your title has vanished, was thrown in the shredder accidentally, or whatever, LoanMart can help you in the retrieval process.

The reason your vehicle title is important to obtain a car title loan with LoanMart—aside from being the namesake for the loan—is a feature that is offered to our customers that surprises them because of how incredibly beneficial it is: LoanMart takes over the title as lien holder so that customers will still be able to use their vehicle instead of turning in the keys during their loan payment period. Sounds like a win/win, doesn’t it? Well, it is!

Missing Title

So, your vehicle’s title is missing. You’re probably panicking a little bit and your mind is all over the place, especially when your loan is within your grasp. Don’t worry! LoanMart works to take care of and help our customers and you are no exception.

First off, let’s see if there are certain places that you could check or double-check to see if the title was just out of eyesight:

  • Glovebox (Glove compartment) or the various storage spaces of your vehicle
  • Filing cabinets or office folders filled with important paperwork
  • Home safe
  • Lockbox or safe at a bank/post office
  • A certain area where extra income and keepsakes are personally kept

If you still haven’t been able to find your title, rest easy, because while it may seem frustrating, LoanMart can help you with the process of obtaining a new copy of your vehicle title, so that you can get back on track in obtaining a car title loan.

LoanMart’s Title Service Team

Another feature of a car title loan with LoanMart is the access to a Title Service Team and that can get you back on the right track to obtaining your loan. Although these services from LoanMart vary from state to state, it is still a better option than not knowing anything about the process; going to the DMV is already a hassle, but going in blindly may cause more of a headache than previously imagined. The information that LoanMart offers has helped many a customer in their time of need.

Car title loans from LoanMart are obtainable in Alabama, Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Utah, however each state is different in the way that you will be able to retrieve your car title loan. 

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