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Auto title loan companies big and small don’t have many differences. However, the one thing you might want to consider when you are looking for title loans, consider American-based car title loan companies. Now before you ask the question, we here at LoanMart would like to make a case for American-based title loans companies.

So, let’s answer the question you already had in your head: What’s the difference if I can just go to my local lenders for title loans here at my state?

Well allow us at LoanMart to explain the inherent benefits of American-based car title loan companies:

  • More locations: Even if there are more close and convenient title loan companies near you, consider this—What if I move? What if I’m going on vacation? What if I can’t drive there? There are different factors that may keep you from going to a local lender for title loans. With LoanMart, there are more than 3,000 participating stores that may help you get your money faster, regardless of the situation1.
  • More staff: To accommodate for the multiple participating stores, we offer incredible customer service with a huge professional staff that can answer questions online or on the phone in regards title loans. Do less waiting on hold for some understaffed title loan companies and we may be able to get your money fast with LoanMart1.
  • More inclusion: We hope to serve a variety of people with different financial situations, and usually can give you competitive deals on title loans based on your car, as well as assist in other issues you may be having with your current title loan1.
  • Consistent quality: You may get varying quality from many title loan companies in your area. With LoanMart, we try our best to accommodate and provide for any of our customers from any state. Having served more than 150,000 happy customers2, we hope to keep that going on all title loans.

Now that you see the advantages American-based car title loan companies can carry over the local title loans in your state, we’d also like to inform you on why something like this should matter to you when it comes to receiving an auto title loan.

Call Our Team

Take the first step and call our toll-free hotline to speak with a specialist.

When making a decision to borrow money, it is always wise to be familiar with the company that you are working with and know that they genuinely care about you and put the customer first. That is exactly what LoanMart’s customer service is like.

Who We Are

We understand that life can present all kinds of hurdles. In our case, we want to help with the financial ones. We understand your needs for unexpected medical, living or business expenses. You need money as soon as possible and don’t have time to wait on other types of loans. Finding yourself in this kind of tight spot is scary enough. The last thing you need is the wrong lender. At LoanMart we are sensitive to this and this makes us stand out. We believe that you deserve to work with a company that will help lift you up. When someone takes out an auto title loan with us, we are there to lend not only money but a hand.

At LoanMart, we won’t judge you by your past. We are well-aware that not everyone has a perfect credit score. This is why we place more value on your current situation to make our decisions.

We pride ourselves on several things at LoanMart, one of the most important things is being committed to our employees and our customers. Our number one priority is customer service. We believe in being financially responsible and assisting our customers in being financially responsible as well; we want to know our customers have the ability to pay back the requested amount of money before they borrow. We never want a customer to default on a loan because our biggest goal is to make the entire lending and borrowing process as painless as possible.

Help Every Step of the Way

Of course, we believe in excellent customer service throughout the entire loan process and not only when someone is applying for a title loan online. Our customers can expect friendly, knowledgeable staff to help them at any time. When our customers experience this kind of service, we feel sure that they will always return to us any time in the future if they find themselves, once again, in a tough financial situation. Our submission process is easy to complete on your own online, but our representatives are always happy to assist. We are available by phone or online chat 7 days a week with extended hours. Our call center has English and Spanish-speaking representatives to accommodate more customers in speaking the language they are most comfortable.

If our customers have any questions at any time, we encourage them to get in touch. We want to make sure our borrowers understand all the terms of their loans and how we operate as a company. We find it extremely important to make sure our customers are well-informed about the whole process and their own financial situation, so they know what is happening each and every step of the way.


We believe in the importance of financial literacy for everyone. We want to educate our customers to make thoughtful decisions about their finances and form good habits of financial planning. This is why we have dedicated a portion of our website to informative resources for a brighter and more financially savvy future. We are a lender, but we also like to consider ourselves a knowledgeable advisor. We really want to help you out of difficult times, so it is only natural that we try to give you more than money, but also trusted advice.


At LoanMart, we want you to know that your privacy is our priority. We take great pride in knowing that you trust us with your confidential information. This drives us to maintain our guard over your personal information. Our online submission forms are safe and secure because your sensitive data is encrypted in our system. We collect your information to carry out and deliver our financial services to you. For more information, view our privacy policy.

At LoanMart, we want to prove our outstanding customer service to you. Call, click or visit us today! We look forward to working with you.

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