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What are the Most Popular Vehicles Used for Auto Title Loans?

As the economy continues to shift and inflation affects the cost of living across the country, many Americans could be turning to secured loans, such as title loans, in order to get enough funding to get back on their feet. However, it’s worth noting that you will need a vehicle with a sufficient amount of equity to qualify for an auto title loan. The amount of positive equity in your car and your ability to repay the loan are the key factors that determine your potential loan amount! Determining the current equity in your vehicle involves subtracting the amount owed on your auto loan from the vehicle’s current market value. If you don’t know the current value of your car, you can use LoanMart’s online questionnaire to obtain a vehicle value estimate and a loan quote without any obligation. Just enter a few basic details about your vehicle into the online tool to get started!1 3

It’s important to note that some cars have more value than others, resulting in higher loan amounts if the applicant provides sufficient evidence of income.1 If you’re interested in applying for a title loan in your state, you may wonder, “What are the most popular cars used to get a title loan by state?” While this article won’t cover all 50 states in America, some of these vehicles are still popular nationwide, whether they are used as collateral for a title loan or not.

Take a look at the most popular cars found in these states based on the number of funded loans against a vehicle serviced by LoanMart:1


Golden State residents can borrow against the value of many different makes and models of vehicles through title loans, but here are the 10 most popular cars based on the number of funded loans serviced by LoanMart in the state of California:

CaliforniaPercentage of Funded Loans
Toyota Camry3.73%
Honda Accord3.71%
Honda Civic3.38%
Toyota Corolla2.99%
Ford F-1502.29%
Nissan Altima2.19%
Chevrolet Silverado 15002.18%
Chevrolet Tahoe1.84%
Toyota Tacoma1.41%
Nissan Sentra1.16%

Do you have any questions about getting your title loan money? Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the application process and how long it takes to receive your cash!1


If you live in Florida, you may be pleased to know that it’s possible for residents to pledge the title to various vehicle models in order to obtain emergency cash. Take a look at the 10 most popular vehicles based on the number of funded loans in the Sunshine State:

FloridaPercentage of Funded Loans
Nissan Altima3.96%
Toyota Camry3.43%
Ford F-1503.00%
Toyota Corolla2.70%
Honda Accord2.61%
Honda Civic1.84%
Chevrolet Silverado 15001.67%
Hyundai Sonata1.61%
Hyundai Elantra1.50%
Ford Fusion1.33%

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Since Michigan is known for its blue-collar workers and off-roading culture, it’s unsurprising that some of the most prevalent vehicles in this state consist of various trucks made for those individuals and environments. Below is a list of the most popular vehicles amongst Michigan residents based on the number of funded loans:

MichiganPercentage of Funded Loans
Chevrolet Malibu3.85%
Ford Fusion3.50%
Chevrolet Impala3.10%
Chevrolet Equinox2.88%
Ford Escape2.27%
Chrysler Town & Country1.95%
Jeep Grand Cherokee1.95%
Ford Focus1.92%
Chevrolet Silverado 15001.90%
Chevrolet Cruze1.82%

Remember to use LoanMart’s online title loan calculator to learn more about the value of your vehicle. If you have questions about using the online form, contact a LoanMart title loan agent today at 855-422-7412 for further information.


Most people have heard the phrase, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Not only does that phrase originate from the geographical size of the state, but it also applies to its steadily growing population. However, the phrase can also apply to many of the vehicles in Texas, as it’s common to see big trucks and cars in this state. While there is a lot of variety in terms of makes and models, it’s understandable that the most popular automobiles in the Lone Star State are predominantly larger vehicles.

Take a look at the 10 most popular vehicles based on the number of funded loans in Texas: 

TexasPercentage of Funded Loans
Ford F-1504.75%
Chevrolet Silverado 15003.10%
Toyota Camry2.35%
Nissan Altima2.20%
Chevrolet Malibu1.80%
Toyota Corolla1.80%
GMC Sierra 15001.60%
Dodge Ram 15001.60%
Chevrolet Tahoe1.50%
Honda Accord1.45%

Don’t hesitate to speak with a title loan agent from LoanMart at 855-422-7412 if you want to learn more about this secured loan option, such as, “What are the title loan laws in Texas?”


Virginia’s most popular cars are a little bit more practical and smaller in comparison to states like Texas. Still, Virginia residents can pledge the title to any one of these vehicles listed below for a title loan and use their loan proceeds to handle medical bills or pay for large expenses.1

Here are the 10 most popular cars based on the amount of funded loans in the Old Dominion State:

VirginiaPercentage of Funded Loans
Honda Accord3.35%
Nissan Altima2.67%
Toyota Camry2.65%
Honda Civic2.20%
Toyota Corolla2.15%
Ford Fusion2.05%
Hyundai Sonata1.97%
Chevrolet Malibu1.82%
Honda CR-V1.62%
Hyundai Elantra1.52%
top cars for funded title loans by state


From trucks to sedans, the list of 10 most popular vehicles based on the number of funded loans in the Evergreen State showcases a lot of diversity: 

WashingtonPercentage of Funded Loans
Ford F-1502.65%
Toyota Camry2.27%
Chevrolet Tahoe1.97%
Honda CR-V1.74%
Honda Accord1.59%
Honda Civic1.59%
Chevrolet Silverado 15001.52%
Toyota Prius1.52%
Ford Fusion1.52%
Toyota Corolla1.36%

Through a car title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can access a portion of the value of your vehicle and turn it into the money you need for an emergency. If you’re eligible for a loan in Washington, Virginia, or any other applicable state, you can obtain competitive interest rates and quick funding in as little as one business day!1 3 Complete a short pre-approval form online to get started on your title loan application!1

How Can I Use One of the Most Popular Cars By State to Apply for a Title Loan?

As you can see, different makes and models of vehicles are more prevalent in some states than others. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for this phenomenon, but it may be influenced by the specific needs of residents in each state. Many Texans use pickup trucks because they prefer the biggest and the best, while many Floridians pick mid-size cars because of their fuel efficiency. But, no matter what the most popular cars by state are, you don’t have to stick with a vehicle from these lists if you need to apply for a title loan. Whether your vehicle is a truck, SUV, or sedan, it must be in decent condition and have a reasonable amount of value to qualify for a car title loan serviced by LoanMart!1

Are you interested in getting a title loan? With an auto title loan serviced by LoanMart, you can conveniently apply online or over the phone from the comfort of your home! There is no store visit required to apply for the emergency cash you need.1

Take advantage of a quick, three-step application process to apply for quick funding:1 3

  1. Submit a Short Inquiry Form Online or Over the Phone with a Title Loan Agent at 855-422-7412
  2. Upload a Few Documents to Verify Your Information
  3. Discover if You Qualify and Collect Your Loan Proceeds!1

Don’t hesitate to apply for the funds you need for an emergency expense! If you qualify for a title loan serviced by LoanMart, you could receive fast cash as soon as the next business day!1 3