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Do you remember when you had to show up in person for every transaction? You had to wait in long lines to deposit funds at the bank. What about the days you had to go to your job to pick up a paycheck? Waiting in long lines takes so much time out of your day. You have to get dressed, hop in your car, and wait in traffic before arriving at your destination.

Thankfully, today we live with thriving technology. You can order food with the click of a button. You can purchase clothes from the comfort of your own home. You can even receive cash without having to step foot outside. Do you live in Louisiana? You could potentially receive an online title loan with no store visit in Louisiana! 1

LoanMart understands that the future is technology. People aren’t waiting unnecessarily in traffic anymore. Gas is way too expensive for that! That’s why DoorDash and online banking were invented. Most people do not want to get out of their comfy clothes just to be stuck behind an 18-wheeler for miles on end.

LoanMart makes it easy for those needing financial relief to apply from the comfort of their own homes. Find out if you can qualify for a car title loan serviced by LoanMart today! 1

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What Are The Requirements for Online Title Loans With No Store Visits in Louisiana?

You may be saying, “ I’ve heard of title loans, but I’m still unsure what they are.” Title loans use a borrower’s vehicle as collateral in exchange for cash. With a car title loan, you are essentially borrowing off of the available equity in your car,

A title loan could potentially be a good fit for borrowers with a compromising financial history. Now, you may be thinking, “ Wouldn’t I be better off going with a more traditional lender?” Below are examples of more conventional finance options.

  • Credit Limit Increase – Some borrowers consider requesting a credit limit increase to help pay some of their expenses when they are experiencing financial hardship. Your credit score and utilization largely determine if you will receive approval for a credit limit increase. If you have exhausted your credit limit, you likely have high utilization, which is unfavorable when applying for an increase.
  • Personal Loan – Your financial record is also used to determine approval for a personal loan. Do you have any past evictions or bankruptcies? Is your credit history not up to par? If so, your chances of being approved for a personal loan could be pretty slim.

Most lenders rely solely on a borrower’s financial history to minimize lending risks. In their minds, if you are in good financial standing, you are more trustworthy when it comes to paying back the loan. LoanMart understands that financial circumstances are different for every individual. Title loans can allow borrowers to leverage their vehicles as collateral to reduce lending risks.

What are the requirements for an online title loan with no store visits in Louisiana? Most potential borrowers can meet the basic requirements. Check the list below.

  • 18 Yeas of age or Older – Title loans serviced by LoanMart are exclusively available to borrowers that are of legal age to make financial decisions.
  • Vehicle Title – The potential borrower’s name must be present on the vehicle’s title. Legally, the state of Louisiana recognizes the titleholder as the true owner. Did your cousin gift you a car when they bought a new one? Did you purchase your vehicle from an individual? It is easy for some documents to fall through the cracks when transitioning a car from one owner to the next. If your name is not your vehicle’s title, visit your local OMV and request a title transfer.
  • Steady Income – One of the primary determinants for title loan approval is the ability to repay the loan.1 You’ll need to have consistent revenue coming in or a valid source of income before applying for a title loan.

As mentioned previously, most potential borrowers meet the basic requirements for a title loan. Now that you are familiar with the basic requirements, let’s dive deeper into answering additional questions you may have.

How Much Cash Can I Get From Online Title Loans with No Store Visits in Louisiana?

It’s customary for borrowers to wonder how much they could potentially qualify for.1 Online title loans with no store visits in Louisiana sounds like a great deal, but is it worth it? Title loans are considered to be mid-sized loans. The amount a borrower could receive is largely determined by the amount of equity in their vehicle.1 When you hear the word “equity,” you may envision a man in a nice tie and tailored suit throwing around financial jargon that goes above your head. Equity in reference to a vehicle is simple to understand.

  • Vehicle Equity – This is calculated by comparing the amount you still owe on your vehicle versus the market value of your car. Depending on the amount you owe on your car loan (if at all) and the market value of your car, your vehicle could have positive or negative equity.
  • Market Value – This is the amount a consumer would likely pay a dealer for a vehicle. Remember: positive equity is when the market value of your car is more than the amount you owe on it. Now, you may be wondering, “What affects the market value of my vehicle.” Below are a few factors.
  • Mileage – Have you been working from home these past two years? Have you noticed your estimated annual mileage has gone down significantly? If your vehicle mileage is low, your car could be more valuable than other vehicles with higher mileage. High mileage is associated with more wear and tear. Even those purchasing used vehicles want something with low mileage.
  • Vehicle Condition – Have you been ignoring your check engine light for the past 18 months? Are you up to date with your oil changes? Remember: the market value of your vehicle is calculated by how the consumer market would view it. Would you want to purchase a car that needed severe maintenance? Most consumers want something that is reliable and functional.
  • Make and Model – Just like high school, popularity wins. Popular vehicles such as Honda, Chevy, and Nissan are in high demand every year because they are seen as reliable. The next time you’re waiting in the drive-thru or looking around at a red light, look at the cars. How many Nissan Altimas, Honda Civics, or Chevy Impalas do you see? Popular makes and models are in high demand and can be seen as more valuable when applying for a title loan.
  • Year of Vehicle – Do you listen to podcasts, apple music, or audiobooks on your daily commute? Bluetooth and Car Play are essential to car buyers, and older vehicles do not possess the same technical luxuries. Also, vehicles depreciate every year, so a car worth $22,000 could only be worth $19,000 next year depending on the market.

Your vehicle’s value and your ability to repay the loan will likely determine the amount of money you could potentially be approved for.1 If you are still unclear about how much you could qualify for, LoanMart has some tools for you. Click here for LoanMart’s online loan calculator.

How Can I Use Online Title Loans with No Store Visits in Louisiana?

Title loans are emergency funds used to alleviate some of the financial pains of borrowers. Online title loans with no store visits in Louisiana can be used for countless emergencies. Below are just a few.

  • Bail Money – It’s common for young adults to get caught up in the wrong crowds. Your 19-year-old son is at the store with his friends, and the next thing you know, you’re receiving a call that your 19-year-old is behind bars for shoplifting. That can be a nightmare, and bail money is not cheap. You do not want to find yourself in this situation! Receiving a title loan can potentially help you get your loved one out of jail.
  • Home Repair – Louisiana is beautiful, but it is no stranger to tropical storms. One day, your city encounters a violent storm that knocks a tree through your window. You have little ones at home, so you want to make sure they have a safe place to lay their heads at night. A title loan can help replace windows, shutters, and more.
  • Rent – Rent goes up every year, and it can be challenging to stay afloat with all of your expenses. A few years ago, you could get by, but your paycheck is no match for the rising cost of living. LoanMart understands that borrowers are constantly in a financial deficit when keeping up with living expenses. Receiving a title loan could help you make timely rent payments.
  • Funeral Expenses – Your favorite aunt passed away unexpectantly. The family is trying to pitch in for funeral expenses, but their contributions still don’t cover it all. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is tragic enough, and the last thing you want to think about is not being able to afford to send your loved one off with dignity and class. Receiving a title loan for funeral expenses can potentially allow you to grieve in peace without worrying about the cost.
  • Medical Expenses – It’s tough to function without your daily medication. Your prescription gets higher and higher, so you try to ration out your pills. That could be disastrous and medical bills are expensive. LoanMart understands the rising cost of medical care. Borrowers can use their funds for medical debt relief as they see fit.

Did any of the above scenarios sound familiar? Title loans are here to help those who need cash in a hurry.3 Borrowers are encouraged to use their funds to help relieve some of their financial burdens.1

Do I Submit Documents Online When Applying for Title Loans With No Store Visits in Louisiana?

What are you reading this article on? Are you at home on your phone watching your favorite Netflix show? Did you open up another tab on your company’s laptop?

You’d most likely agree that you are comfortable in your current position. Submitting documents online for title loans with no store visit in Louisiana can be highly convenient. It allows you to send in paperwork from the comfort of your own home. Below are the documents you can send online.

  • Valid Government Issued ID – A passport or driver’s license will do. These documents are used to verify your identity and age, as well as your residency in Louisiana.
  • References – Your references can be personal or professional, or both.
  • Vehicle Title – Remember: you cannot leverage what you do not own. Please ensure that your name is present on your vehicle’s title at the time of inquiry. If it is not, a loan agent can help you find out how to get your title in the right shape to apply.
  • Proof of Adress – Send in a photo of your utility bill with your address printed on it.
  • Photos of Vehicle – Take a picture of the odometer, vehicle identification number, and your car’s exterior. Once you have the perfect lighting and angle, send it in.
  • Proof of Income – Showing that you can pay back the loan is a crucial part of the inquiry process. Here are a few accepted sources of income: pay stubs, bank statements, child support, Social Security Income, DoorDash/Uber, worker’s compensation, and alimony.

Several required documents can be found in your email inbox, your employee timesheet, and your mobile banking app.

How Do I Apply for Online Title Loans With No Store Visits In Louisiana?

After doing your research, you’ve decided to get a title loan. You may be thinking, “How do I apply for title loans with no store visits in Louisiana?

Step 1: Inquire about the loan.

Go online and follow the prompts to start the process.

Step 2: Apply

If you meet the basic requirements, you’ll be asked to apply. Submit the documents discussed previously.

Step 3: Receive Funding1

If your documents meet the qualifications, a loan agent will contact you to discuss a preferred payment method.1 In just three simple steps, you could access emergency funding.1,3