Are you looking for an alternative financial resource to help pay off an unexpected bill or expense? You may have a stable income to help alleviate some of these costs but it might not be enough to finish the payments. There are multiple ways to collect the funds you need, such as selling/pawning items, but that can take a while before you see your budget grow. You can always ask for money from friends and family, but that’s a tough conversation to have. You can often find loan options that are available to assist you financially with any emergency you may be struggling with. However, some of those options can leave you more in debt than before from all the interest rates and hidden fees you were not aware of.

Thankfully, LoanMart might have a convenient solution that could be the right option for what you can afford and need at the moment.1 A title loan is a collateral-based loan that allows you to secure your cash with the title of your car. Along with the required income level to support the loan amount you’d like, the collateral helps a borrower in a lot of ways during the eligibility process for a title loan serviced by LoanMart.1 The ability to repay a title loan is essential in getting your loan, and you can choose loan terms that are preferable for what you want. Typically, borrowers can split the costs into monthly installments. Or, you could easily pay everything off in one payment, with no prepayment penalty to do so.5

LoanMart is proud to assist customers across the country. If you’re a resident of Louisiana, you could obtain a title loan in no time at all!³ Go online or call a representative from LoanMart to see how you can qualify for title loans in Bossier City, Louisiana!

Before I Inquire About Title Loans in Bossier City, Louisiana, What Kinds of Loans are Available Online?

Whether you choose to get title loans in Bossier City or any other loan option, you will find two kinds of loans to inquire about: secured and unsecured loans.

  1. Secured Loans: This type of loan allows an applicant to secure money with a valuable asset. The asset is known as the collateral.
  2. Unsecured Loans: Unsecured loans do not require an applicant to use a valuable asset to secure the cash. Instead, an applicant must meet the proper qualifications to get funding.

Secured loans are usually easier to obtain approval for.1 With a secured loan like a title loan, you could often get fast cash by having the right collateral- despite your financial background and credit history.1 With loan options like LoanMart, you could get your funding by using your car’s title as collateral!1 Although unsecured loans can provide qualified borrowers fast cash, the problem is that you would need to meet the requirements for them. Typically, unsecured loans are harder to qualify for than secured ones. Eligibility for an unsecured loan is based on credit history and income alone if there is no collateral to offset the lending risk.

It can be tough to choose the right loan option. Select the one that can be quick and easy to apply for, with the least hassle.3 Go online to find out what you need to qualify for a car title loan serviced by LoanMart!1

Can I Keep My Car When I Inquire About Car Title Loans in Bossier City, Louisiana?

Many applicants that are looking to apply for auto title loans in Bossier City are concerned about what would happen to their vehicles after they are approved. It’s understandable to be a little anxious about that if your car works as your primary source of transportation. If you used your vehicle to travel to work or school, you would have to arrange carpools, lifts, or spend money on taxi services. That is often not ideal if you are looking to obtain cash for an emergency expense.

Borrowers are free to drive their vehicle and keep it with them wherever possible. One thing to note is that the only time you would have to give your car to a loan agent is if you fail to meet all of your monthly payments, or your loan goes into default.

Set up automatic payments to prevent late payments! If you ever feel like you can’t meet your payment obligations, contact your representative to talk about refinancing if possible. Call 855-277-4847 to learn more about affordable loan terms and the repayment options for a car title loan serviced by LoanMart.1

Take advantage of a flexible approval process when you start on your title loan serviced by LoanMart.¹

Will I Need to Go Through a Vehicle Inspection When I Apply for Auto Title Loans in Bossier City, Louisiana?

Another factor that some could be apprehensive about before inquiring about car title loans in Bossier City is the required vehicle inspection. When a borrower has a limited time to pay off an expense or cover an emergency, an in-person inspection can be a hassle.

It’s incredibly inconvenient if you are required to drive out of Bossier City to a central office just for that. With loan options like LoanMart, your financial situation is kept in mind when working with you to get a title loan. Gas is expensive, and so is your time.

You don’t have the time and money to make an in-person inspection, which is why LoanMart offers the opportunity to complete this inspection online!

The only thing you will need to do is take clear and visible photos of your car. You will need to send pictures of the:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Sides
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN #)
  • Odometer Reading on the Dashboard

A loan agent can easily retrieve these pictures when you submit them through LoanMart’s online portal. Or, simply email them from your smartphone.¹ Contact a loan expert today at 855-277-4847 if you have any questions about how this part works. The inquiry process can be a lot simpler and easier than you think!1

What Documents Do I Need to Have on Hand When I Get Online Title Loans in Bossier City, Louisiana?

If you are looking to acquire title loans in Bossier City, there are two main eligibility factors:

  • A Title to a Qualifying Car in Your Name
  • The Ability to Afford a Loan Payment Each Month

But, a loan agent will ask you to submit a few documents to verify your information and vehicle ownership. The good thing about that qualification is the accessibility of the documents. You might already have them with you! Most applicants simply need to take a look at their mailbox to get what they need.

Contact your local DMV if the requirements differ in Bossier City. However, LoanMart requires borrowers to send the following documents to a loan agent to determine their eligibility:

  • Proof of Identity: A loan agent will ask you to verify who you say you are by giving them a government-issued photo ID. Often, borrowers will just use their driver’s license to prove their identity. You can also use a passport or state identification if you are more comfortable using any of those.
  • Proof of Income: You don’t need a traditional 9-5 job to apply for a title loan serviced by LoanMart in Louisiana.1 Instead, you can provide an alternative income source to prove that you can responsibly pay off a title loan. Examples of what you can use are: pension income, retirement income, pay stubs, bank statements, a letter of employment from your employer, worker’s compensation, etc.
  • Proof of Address: Use a utility bill, credit card statement, rental/lease agreement, recent mail, or phone bills to prove you are a resident of Bossier City, Louisiana. Other qualifying documents may also be accepted.1
  • Vehicle Title: The title to the car must be in your name to qualify for a title loan. If you have lost or misplaced your title, don’t worry; a loan agent from LoanMart can help you find out how to request a replacement or transfer it to your name. Let an expert from LoanMart assist you with any questions or concerns about your car title to see if it’s suitable for collateral.
  • References: In some cases, references must be provided. These can be personal, professional, or both.

It can be easy to send documents to LoanMart agents when you do it online!¹ You can also submit, fax, or email your documents from almost any smartphone or computer. A loan agent can respond with an approval status in minutes.³

What Happens if I Don’t Complete My Monthly Title Loan Payments in Louisiana?

Borrowers who start missing their installments and fail to complete them could suffer from unfortunate consequences. If that does happen, you could fall into what is known as a default. Default is simply when a borrower did not meet the financial obligations stipulated in the loan agreement. A person who experiences loan default can lose their car if/when a lender decides to repossess it.

Your credit score can also be negatively affected if you don’t pay off title loans in Bossier City, Louisiana. That could hurt your chances of qualifying for other loans when you need them. If you’re wondering where your car would be after a lender repossessed it, the vehicle will remain in a secure lot until the debt is settled or it is sold. You can contact a loan agent from LoanMart to see what you can do to retrieve it; if you don’t talk to a representative, it could be sold at an auction to recoup the amount you still owe.

Don’t be afraid to contact a loan agent if you struggle with some complications during the loan duration. You don’t have to go through it alone and your agents are there to help you every step of the way. When you qualify for a car title loan serviced by LoanMart, you get access to a customized payment plan that is meant to work for you. Not every person has the same income or car, so the payment plan can often be tailored to your financial situation!1

How Can I Pay Off Auto Title Loans in Bossier City, Louisiana Quickly and Efficiently?

Applying for a title loan and paying them off can be equally convenient and straightforward.¹ There are multiple methods that borrowers can choose to use to pay off their loans.

Take a look at the various payment options that are available through LoanMart:

  • Pay Through Loanmart’s Phone App
  • Set Up Automatic Electronic Payments That Can Make Your Monthly Installments for You
  • Pay Online Through Your Account Using Your Debit or Credit Card
  • Pay Through Your Phone Using Your Credit or Debit Card

Knowing how to pay off title loans is one thing, but it’s important to learn the best ways possible. That way, you can learn how to potentially manage your payments. Suppose you want to complete your installments quickly and get them over with. In that case, there are some plans you can follow to pay everything successfully:

  • You Can Always Pay More Than What You Owe That Month to Shorten the Amount Of the Next Installment
  • Budget the Online Title Loan Payments
  • Reduce Your Monthly Expenses by Limiting Your Spending and Using the Money You Saved Up to Cover the Loan Amount
  • Calculate the Interest and Create a Payment Plan if You Wish to Pay off a Title Loan Early

Unlike some loan options, be aware that LoanMart will not punish you if you decide to pay early.5 Find out if you can qualify for a car title loan serviced LoanMart today!1

How Do I Get Started on Title Loans in Bossier City, Louisiana?

LoanMart grants borrowers the opportunity to inquire about title loans in Bossier City from their computer or smartphone. Follow these three simple steps to get the funding you need to pay for your emergency¹:

  1. Start the inquiry process for a title loan online by filling out a basic form or calling the toll-free number 855-277-4847 to speak with a representative.
  2. A loan agent will contact you to send in your documents after receiving your inquiry form. You don’t need to visit a physical location, as you can easily send them online.¹
  3. Get your money after a loan agent approves you for funding! You can choose from different and convenient options:
    • Direct Deposit
    • Mailed Check
    • Picked up from a Participating Money Transfer Location

It takes no time to get the cash you need!³ Take advantage of an easy and flexible approval process with LoanMart.¹ If you could get your cash in as little as 24 hours, why wait to see if you qualify? You can pay back your approved funds at a MoneyGram location in your area. Below is a map of MoneyGram locations for you to choose from.