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If you are in a spot of financial difficulty and worry right now, you may not have to be. That Honda CBR1000RR sitting in your garage could be the answer to solving your woes – and not by selling it. The average LoanMart title loan on a Honda CBR1000RR with 15,245 miles is $2,8131. The chart below shows average mileages and loan amounts on a CBR1000RR from model year 2005-2015. It may help you calculate what kind of sum you could get in a title loan with LoanMart1.

MakeModelYearAvg. MileageAvg. Loan
       Honda         CBR1000rrAverage15,245$ 2,813
       Honda         CBR1000rr200519,663$ 2,510
       Honda         CBR1000rr200924,227$ 3,419
       Honda         CBR1000rr20151,846$ 2,510

As you can see for yourself, the newer the bike, the more money you are likely to get1.

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Making its way off the assembly line for the first time in 2004, the Honda CBR1000RR aka Fireblade was designed and created by the same people who were behind the MotoGP series. Its sleek, lightweight, aerodynamic design and speed demon capabilities make it a contender to be respected in any race. Luckily, even if a bill you did not see coming hits you out of the blue, you may not have to worry about being off the track. LoanMart could keep you in the race and those bills off your mind1.

Your Honda CBR1000RR could be the key to getting you a title loan from LoanMart1. Also you may not have to worry about losing your bike. As long as you keep up with your convenient monthly payments, you keep your bike as you pay off your loan.

Your loan amount is determined by what the equity in your vehicle is, along with other things as well. From there your monthly payments are determined by what your monthly take home income is. From there, the length of the loan is determined by what you pay every month.

Your title loan is a secured loan because your title to your vehicle is used as collateral. Secured loans have numerous benefits over unsecured ones (like frequently advertised payday loans). This is because lenders are typically able to take on more risk due to having a way to make their money back even if a default on the loan happens. As a result, the lenders are sometimes willing to give sweeter deals like lower interest rates and bigger loans.

If you have an Honda CBR1000RR with a qualifying title, you might be eligible for up to $30,000 in a loan from LoanMart1. LoanMart’s short and sweet application process may get you your car title loan money in as fast as one business day3. Sign yourself up now the closest local participating store, online, or call LoanMart at 1-877-787-4923.

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