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The average LoanMart title loan amount given from a Toyota Land Cruiser with an average mileage amount of 160,602 on the odometer is about $12,2601. Below is a chart on the Toyota Land Cruiser by year, and by its own averages.

MakeModelYearAvg. MileageAvg. Loan
ToyotaLand Cruiser2004185,259$8,118
ToyotaLand Cruiser2005163,859$9,069
ToyotaLand Cruiser2006164,062$9,629
ToyotaLand Cruiser2008129,230$22,225

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With a steady increase from 2004-2008, the average amount given from a LoanMart title loan on a Toyota Land Cruiser is typically above $8,000 on average1. However, the value of the car also varies by how we at LoanMart determine the equity. We also look at the vehicle’s condition, as well as any alterations to fully decide how much a loan may be approved for.

But enough about the value, we could see why you picked a Toyota Land Cruiser. The car is one of the better full-size SUVs of its kind. With innovations on off-road handling and spacious design, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a blue-collar worker’s dream car come true. Not to mention several safety features that have allowed for a great and safe vehicle for any kind of traveling in general.

But the hard truth is that many owners would sell their Toyota Land Cruiser when it comes to dealing with hard financial times. With large value on the Toyota Land Cruiser, it may serve as funding that one may need for a financial rut. But we at LoanMart believe that selling large assets to get the funding you need should be the last thing you have to do.

We feel that if you need funding, and you have a qualifying title on your vehicle, then why not try a title loan? With a title loan from LoanMart, LoanMart becomes the lien holder of the vehicle, but we won’t keep it in a garage while you make payments. Instead, you can continue to freely drive your car  as you make your monthly payments on time!

That’s not all. You will also benefit from a several other LoanMart title loan benefits.

  • You get customer service lines 7 days a week that will help you answer any questions about your title loan!
  • Get funding in as little as one business day3.

Interested in getting funding from your Toyota Land Cruiser? Then contact LoanMart via the Chat Now feature or call directly at 1-877-787-4923 today!

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