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As Marketplace Lenders Offer Less, LoanMart Offers More Opportunities for the Credit Challenged

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As Marketplace Lenders Offer Less, LoanMart Offers More Opportunities for the Credit Challenged

LOS ANGELES – LoanMart, one of the nation’s premier financial technology companies, is excited to introduce a new type of loan to meet the significant demand of its customers: an Unsecured Personal Loan.

Financial institutions across America are offering fewer borrowing options for the credit-challenged, a trend that is leaving many consumers with little or no option when it comes to gaining access to much needed money. In response to this problem and at the request of its customers, LoanMart developed a unique Personal Unsecured Loan that will help people in need of money1. LoanMart specializes in providing non-prime consumers, many of whom face persistent challenges in securing credit, with access to competitively priced credit. LoanMart’s Unsecured Personal Loan offers responsible lending features including credit bureau reporting, amortizing loans, flexible repayment schedules and no prepayment penalties. LoanMart will now offer Unsecured Personal Loans in 8 states including California, Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah, Georgia and South Carolina. Loan Mart is licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight.


About LoanMart: Starting in 2002, LoanMart has grown into one of America’s largest lenders to people with less than perfect credit by helping people quickly get the money they need with both vehicle secured and personal loans1. For business development inquiries, please contact Rainer Walk, SVP Corporate Development at or 818-465-7460.


Rainer Walk, SVP Corporate Development


Patrick Smith is one of our top customer service representatives and loan initiators at LoanMart. His years of experience in helping customers navigate through the LoanMart process, makes him our expert in writing tips and advice about how it works at LoanMart.

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