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Can you Get a Car Title Loan with a Matricula? Matricula consular IDs are issued to Mexican nationals and can be used to get a car title loan. At LoanMart you may be able to get a loan without a social security number (SSN). You can apply based on your vehicle title, proof of income, ITIN and Matricula ID.

Using a Matricula to get a Car Title Loan with LoanMart

While some have driver’s licenses, passports or other government-issued identification documents, you can use a Matricula ID when those are not available. We understand that financial emergencies can strike at any time. When it does, getting a car title loan with LoanMart is the quick and easy way to get the cash that you need, while keeping your vehicle1.

A More Secure and Accessible Loan

Mexican nationals living in the United States without a social security number can access many banking and financial services today by using a Matricula. Car title loans offered by LoanMart provide numerous advantages which are worth considering.

Benefits of a Car Title Loan with LoanMart

Our loan application process is as convenient as possible for anyone with a car title. A Matricula can be used to apply for a car title loan, so don’t worry if you don’t have a social security number. Even those with non-traditional sources of income may be able to get a car title loan with LoanMart.

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Car title loans are an easy, quick and confidential way to help organizations meet their financial needs. LoanMart allows you to apply for a car title loans using a Matricula as a form of identification. This helps to easily turn your car title into cash1.

When times get tough and you need extra cash, a car title loan may be viable and effective.

At LoanMart, we are able to make money available to you and your business when it’s needed the most.

The good thing about taking on a car title loan with LoanMart is that the vehicle can  remain in use. This helps you maintain transportation while receiving funds needed to solve any lingering financial emergencies.

We allow you to make minimum monthly payments, or prepayments with no penalties. Before securing a car title loan you will be able to discuss the options with our loan officers. The benefit of paying extra on your car title loan is that it will reduce the length of the loan and save on interest costs. There are no prepayment penalties or fees associated with a LoanMart car title loan. You will only pay for the time you had the loan and nothing more!

Do you own multiple vehicles? If your answer is yes, you can qualify for a car title loan with LoanMart based on the car you choose. Our aim is to make sure that you have a great experience getting loans on time. We have raised the bar high to make the car title loan experience simple and easy. Anyone with a Matricula ID should consider a car title loan to meet their financial needs. Having a vehicle title loan can be a simple solution and is easy to get started with1.

Visit LoanMart or apply online to get results that will help you out of your financial emergency. Our agent will receive all the documents and assess them to determine value of your vehicle equity and your ability to repay the loan. A LoanMart expert will then get back to you regarding whether you qualified for the loan and what amount can be borrowed. Once the paperwork is approved, you can agree to the loan and get the funds1. It can take as little as one business day to receive the loan3.

How to Apply

Anyone can apply for a car title loan online, over the phone or in person at the nearest LoanMart store. The information required includes the full name of the title holder, phone number, email, model of the car and address. We accept a Matricula with regards to personal identification. With these details, you can apply for a car title loan with confidence and confidentiality. At LoanMart, it is fast, easy and secure to apply for a loan even when presenting a Matricula ID.

  • Fill out the application

You don’t have to physically come into our office to apply for a loan because we have developed various tools to make the process convenient. You can fill out the form online or by phone with some basic information about your vehicle. These details include your full name, email, phone number, address, income information, as well as the make and model of your car. After presenting this information, our representative will contact you with a car title loan quote that is completely free, with no obligations.

  • Submit your documents

We might ask you to submit a little more information that includes your individual tax identification number (ITIN). Many foreigners who are in the US legally and earn a taxable income have an ITIN but may not be eligible for a SSN. You can apply for a car title loan even if you don’t have a driver’s license. Our agents will take you through the process so that you can submit everything properly.

These are the documents we will need:

    • A copy of your driver’s license/ Matricula
    • Proof of income
    • A copy of your car’s title
    • Proof of your car insurance
  • Get Approved           

After receiving all the paperwork, we will inform if you have been approved to get a car title loan and how much money you can borrow. You have to agree to the loan and terms of repayment to get your money. All the processes described above take less than one business day to complete3.

LoanMart provides flexible loans that will help customize a solution to suit core needs. We welcome all organizations to work with our especially trained loan officers to easily and quickly determine the loan amount they can qualify for and the terms of the loan that best meet their needs1. It’s as simple as that! We have an excellent customer service team to help along the way to make the process easy and seamless.