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The Infiniti FX35 is a beauty! But you already knew that, that’s why you decided to splurge and buy this car. But maybe lately you’ve found yourself considering selling it in order to make some quick cash. With a car title loan from LoanMart, you may not have to. LoanMart offers borrowers the ability to get the emergency money they need and the ability to keep their car1. The average LoanMart car title loan someone may be able to acquire for an Infiniti FX35 with 124,457 miles is $8,2571. The chart below lists the average mileages and loan amounts for a FX35 from 2004 to 2012. Using this chart can help you determine how much money you may be eligible for1.

MakeModelYearAvg. MileageAvg. Loan
InfinitiFX352005140,327$ 3,990
InfinitiFX352006140,512$ 5,148
InfinitiFX352007212,588$ 4,174




InfinitiFX352009132,175$ 7,849


InfinitiFX35201083,065$ 11,000




InfinitiFX35201252,277$ 19,598


As shown above, higher loan amounts are generally reserved for cars with lower mileages and newer model years1.

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The Infiniti FX35 is a beautifully sculpted luxury crossover SUV. Its shapely design allows for quick handling and great performance. The FX35 was made available back in 2003, and drivers became attached to this otherwise unique looking vehicle. Fitted with either a RWD or AWD drivetrain, this powerful SUV delivered on all fronts. This car is made to be driven with gusto, and you probably don’t want to part from it. Which is why if you find yourself in need of some emergency monetary cash, you may consider procuring a car title loan from LoanMart.

LoanMart has the ability to offer competitive terms and interest rates. With a quick three step process, LoanMart may be able to offer you the emergency money you need in as soon as one business day3! The three steps involve applying, getting approved, and receiving your money. Your Infiniti FX35 may just be able to help you get up to $30,0001.

In order to get started, you will need a couple pieces of information along with a qualifying car title in your name. Your monthly income and your car’s details will all play a role in determining the value of the loan you may receive1.

LoanMart understands that life can have unexpected hurdles down the road. Bills and demanding payments can come from nowhere, and we might not always be prepared for them. That’s why lenders like LoanMart are available to offer assistance and if you choose, a friendly face. Sign up today at a participating store near you, inquire online directly on this page, or call the toll-free number at 1-877-787-4923.

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