Do I Really Need a Car wash?

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Some people spend a significant amount of time on the appearance of their cars, making sure that it looks a certain way. Car washes are a necessity if you want to save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Why Should I Wash My Car?

  • It just looks better.

We love new things. New cars look good and smell good. You can have your car looking brand spanking new if you had it washed regularly. It does not have to be a fancy hand car wash, or the most expensive drive-thru car wash, a regular wash will suffice.

  • It’s safer.

It is not good to drive with an obstructed view. You would not drive with ice, snow, or frost on your windshield, why is dirt any different? If your windshield is caked with dirt, and your windshield wipers and fluid are leaving horrible streaks, it’s time for a car wash. Don’t put yourself and others in danger by riding around with a dirty windshield, keep it clean.

  • Better fuel mileage.

Oddly enough, having a lot of dirt on your car can weigh it down and cause your car to do more work than necessary. This work is burning more fuel as a result. Clean cars are more fuel-efficient than dirty cars.

  • Prevents illness.

This sounds weird, but think about it, you wipe down your desk at work at the end of the week, you wipe down your bathroom fixtures, and you wipe down surfaces in your kitchen. Why? To keep the germs away. You should be doing the same for your car. You spend a significant amount of time in your car daily, and the same hands that are in your house are in your car. Your car is more susceptible to be filled with germs, especially your steering wheel. When you pump gas, go to the grocery store, a public restroom, etc., all the germs you encounter on a daily basis, are floating around in your car. Purchase some interior disinfecting cleaning wipes for your car today.

  • It can damage your car.

Dirt that is left unwashed off a car can cause a scratch. If your paint is scratched and left untreated, it can chip, and if the chip is also left untreated, it will rust. And rust is pretty ugly on a car. Dirt left to sit and fester on your car for extended periods of time can also lead to the paint on your car fading. Then, you would have to spend money to get your car repainted, when you could have just spent $3 on a light car wash.

Factors that may Contribute to Your Car Needing a Wash

There are several factors that go into how often you should wash your car:

  • Do you park your car in a garage every day? Do you park in a driveway covered by a huge tree? Is your car parked on the street?
  • Do you live in a place that has a lot of trees? Do you live in an industrial area, where there is a lot of smog? Do you live near a construction site? Are there a lot of birds near where you live?
  • Do you drive a lot? Is your car often exposed to the elements?
  • What kind of weather is prominent in your region? Is there acid rain, heat, snow, heavy rains, heavy wind, etc.?
  • Do you like your car having that “new car” look?

What Are All the Extra Features at the Car wash?

Most drive-thru car washes offer several different types of washes to their customers. The most basic wash would be the light wash, which is generously priced around $3. This wash just knocks the surface dirt off your car, it typically does not address the undercarriage or the tires.

Then, there is the step up from the light wash, which adds in rim cleaner and the undercarriage wash. This is the light wash, with two additional features. This wash will typically cost $6.

The third type of wash would include everything from the previous wash types, plus a tire shine, windshield treatment, and a clear coat protectant. This type of wash would typically cost either $9 or $10 dollars.

The last wash type is the most expensive. It usually costs around $12. This luxury wash includes everything from all the different wash types, plus a hot wax shine to finish the job.

The various upgrades and features each drive-thru car wash offers serves a purpose. Some are worth getting each time you take your car in for a car wash, and some are not. Most times, the basic wash is more than enough to have you driving off with a shiny and clean car.

If you don’t want to continuously pay for car washes, you can pull the hose out and wash your car yourself. Try making it a fun thing for yourself on a Saturday morning, weather permitting of course. That way, you are keeping the paint on your car safe, and spending a little quality outside time as well.