Safety Features for Motorcycles

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Safety Features for Motorcycles

When it comes to owning and driving any kind of motorcycle, most people are concerned with safety. Motorcycles after all are generally just not as safe as cars, as they do not have the protection of doors, windows, or crumple zones.

However, there are safety features being developed for motorcycles. This could make driving a motorcycle much safer and change people’s minds of owning and driving a motorcycle themselves. Here are some of the safety features being added to motorcycles, that are also making roads safer:

Brake Safety Features for Motorcycles

The anti-lock brake system, or the ABS, was first developed for cars. It made a huge difference in preventing cars, and other vehicles, from skidding and causing major accidents. This same brake safety feature is being introduced to motorcycles. It is no surprise that Harley Davidson was the first to use this technology in their motorcycles. Knowing that an anti-lock brake system can reduce motorcycle crash rates by 37%, it is no surprise that this technology is being used more and more by motorcycle manufactures.

Airbag Safety Features for Motorcycles

Airbags are an essential safety feature that can save lives. In vehicles such as cars or trucks, this feature comes standard with the vehicle. The issue many motorcycle manufacturers have is that in a motorcycle—because it is so open—there really aren’t any compartments where an airbag could sit. However, airbags are being implanted in front of motorcycles, where there is a small amount of room.

Honda was the first motorcyle manufacturer that offered a motorcycle airbag in 2006. Another cool feature—that works around motorcycle compartments—is an airbag that is attached to a jacket. This jacket comes with the motorcycle. The motorcycle and the jacket are paired through Bluetooth technology and the airbag deploys based on accident data—as fast as 45 seconds. Ducati was the first manufacturer to release this safety feature.

Backlight Safety Features for Motorcycles

If anyone has driven both a motorcycle and a car, it is easy to understand the acceleration and braking differences that exist between them. Motorcycles can speed up and slow down much faster than a car—without using the brake. The danger comes from the back light only being lit when the motorcycle driver uses the brake to stop.

When the brake is not used, the driver behind the motorcycle gets no warning. This could cause a major accident and manufactures/tech companies are taking notice. Motorcycle lights that light up—despite not using the brake—have already been developed and just have to make their way onto the market.

Theft Safety Features for Motorcycles

Theft is a real concern for motorcycle owners across the country, as motorcycles can be a large asset. Many manufacturers are taking notice, and nowadays many of these vehicles come with sophisticated security systems that help protect a vehicle from theft.

Safety Features Outside the Motorcycle

In addition to the new developments happening inside the motorcycle itself, pay attention to additional safety features being added to motorcycle accessories. Here are a few safety accessories to look out for:

Diagnostic Systems

Diagnostic systems are already available in Europe, and they check the overall safety/working performance of a motorcycle. They check the vehicles stats, like air tire pressure, cruise control, and the brakes.

Smart Gloves

Motorcycle manufacturers are working on motorcycle gloves that offer cell phone connection via Bluetooth technology. Touching certain parts of the glove will allow access to certain apps, such as navigation.

Better Boots

Having a good pair of boots is an important part of motorcycle safety. They could protect drivers from serious foot injuries and prevent irreversible damage in an accident. Work is being done to make them more impact proof and durable.

Smart Helmets

There are motorcycle helmets out there that do more than simply protecting a person’s head from injury. There are helmets that have safety features, such as built-in GPS systems or built-in rear view cameras. This makes navigating easier and safer for motorcycle drivers.

Motorcycle safety is an important concern for drivers on the road. There are all kinds of motorcycle safety features being developed, not only by car manufacturers, but by independent technology companies as well.

Motorcycle safety features can be added to the motorcycle itself or as a motorcycle accessory. Having a combination, or even all of them, can make driving a motorcycle much safer for riders of all experience levels. Chances are—like the development of cars—the safety features being developed will someday come standard with the purchase of any motorcycle. Until then, it is really up to motorcycle drivers to get themselves equipped with extra safety features.