Auto Title Loans for Famous Vehicles: Part 2

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Auto Title Loans for Famous Vehicles: Part 2

Did you know it would cost over $200 billion dollars to build a real-life Helicarrier like the one Tony Stark designed? And that’s not even the most expensive vehicle on this list!

Hollywood is full of cars that can shoot fire, time-travel, and perform all kinds of impressive, yet fictitious, stunts. It seems a super hero, action, or science fiction movie isn’t complete unless there is an amazing chase scene or a vehicle festooned with stunning gadgets.

Hey, give the people what they want! We love these awe-inspiring cars and LoanMart does too. The image shown depicts some of the most famous cars and spaceships in fictitious history. Check how much the Green Hornet, Marty McFly, Hon Solo, the X-Men, the Avengers, and Starfleet would receive if they used their vehicles to apply with LoanMart for an auto title loan.

Black Beauty – $30,587

The Green Hornet was originally a radio program and a movie serial back in the day, but from September 1986 to March 1967, it was a beloved television show on the network ABC.

Fans loved The Green Hornet because he was a hero disguised as a villain. In the show, the police were always after The Green Hornet and his trusty sidekick, Kato, even though pair were fighting in the name of justice. An inspiration to anybody feeling misunderstood, The Green Hornet and Batman are definitely competing for the spot of most adored superhero vigilante.

Much like Batman and his Batmobile, The Green Lantern (a.k.a. Brit Reid) also had a dark and mysterious vehicle. It took 30 coats of metal flake and hours of hand-rubbing pure black green pearl of essence lacquer until the car shined with high gloss to make the epic Blackbird. This Imperial Crown hardtop cost $50,000 USD to complete, much of the money going towards the paint job.

In the show, The Black Beauty could shoot explosives, was equipped with rockets, and had the ability to knock out an intruder with a secret gas nozzle on the grille. Maybe that’s why the vehicle sold for $61,174 at an auction.

The DeLorean – $270,600

Doctor Emmett Brown once said, “The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some *style*?” Good thinking, Doc.

On three unique occasions, the DeLorean took the Doc Brown and Marty McFly on a crazy journey to the future. The time machine supposedly took Doc Brown thirty years to make and cost him his entire family fortune, that’s some serious dedication.

Even though the DeLorean Motor Company filed for bankruptcy in 1982, there are still new-old-stock parts sold from warehouses and other businesses all over the United States. People still love their DeLorean. Therefore, if Doc needed an auto title loan from LoanMart, he would get about $270,600. Maybe with that he could build another time machine!

The Millennium Falcon – $123,706,000

The latest installment in the franchise, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, earned $306,000,000 during its opening weekend. That makes this Star Wars movie the bestselling film out of the entire franchise.  The very first episode of Star Wars to come to the big screen, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, earned $1,554,475 its opening weekend.

It was in this first screening of Star Wars that the world was introduced to the beloved Millennium Falcon, Hon Solo’s original (and probably favorite) child. Despite her shabby appearance, the Millennium Falcon plays an important role in bringing peace and justice to the galaxy.

If real-life pilot, Harrison Ford, wanted to build his own Millennium Falcon he would need about $2,474,132,337. That’s about twenty times more money than the opening weekend earnings for The Force Awakens.

Blackbird – $150,000,000

When the Blackbird comes out of The Devil’s Rock, you know things are about to get real. Located on the grounds of “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters”, the Blackbird served the X-Men and Professor Charles Xavier for many years, until the Professor upgraded to the SR-71 Blackbird.

Used to detect mutants all over the world, the Blackbird was installed with software from Cebebro’s, the original machine used for this kind of detection. The Professor also had many Blackbirds built, so the X-Men would always be prepared, but we know this wasn’t always the case.

If you wanted your own Blackbird, you would need just about $300,000,000 to operate it.

Helicarrier – $100 Billion

Psh, and you thought the Millennium Falcon went for a lot of money. And just wait, because the Helicarrier from The Avengers isn’t even the most expensive vehicle on this list.

The Helicarrier would be awesome to drive because you would barely have to pay attention, this aircraft carrier can fly on its own!

Designed by Tony Stark and built by Stark Industries, this massive vehicle has the ability to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile. But that couldn’t stop the Red Hulk from bringing the ship down and completely destroying it; after this, the Helicarrier was rebuilt as The Hellcarrier. Good job, Avengers, very creative naming.

Thinking about building your own Helicarrier? No big deal, you would just need about $200 billion dollars. Tony Stark could definitely help you out with that.

Starship Enterprise – $239.5 Billion

Here’s the big kahuna, the priciest vehicle on this list: The Starship Enterprise from Star Trek. Not only would Starfleet receive the most money from LoanMart, they also have the most expensive real-life building price as well. If a real-life Starfleet wanted to build an Enterprise, they would need around $478,947,711,160. Yikes!

The Enterprise has time-traveled, made first contact, and engaged in many military confrontations. In Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Kirk was forced to activate the ships auto-destruct sequence to save the Enterprise from being taken over by the dreaded Klingons.  

If the Star Trek gang is getting $239.5 billion dollars from LoanMart, then “Beam me up, Scotty!”