Lifehacks to Increase Your Car’s Value

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We all consider ourselves to be great drivers (it’s the other people on the road that are scary, right?) and many of us have years of driving experience under our belts. But all of us could still learn a few things about our cars.

Lifehacks is a website about tips and tricks for managing our time and efforts in more ways that are efficient. That applies to our cars, too! Even though LoanMart is here to provide car title loans, we still like giving helpful hints to make our customers’ lives even better.

So with that in mind, check out these fun lifehacks for your car!

Cool a Hot Car – Quick!

No one likes having to climb into a scorching hot car in the middle of the summer. Cool things off quickly by rolling down one window completely, walk to the opposite side of the car, and open and shut one of the doors about ten times. This forces air to circulate throughout the car and flushes out the hottest air.

Keep the Ignition System Problem-Free

Did you know having a heavy keychain is actually proven to cause problems with the ignition systems of cars? It’s true! To prevent costly repairs, keep your keychain light. Take off anything you don’t need, or consider carrying two separate sets of keys: your car keys and all others.

Eliminate Car Dents

You can actually try using dry ice to pull out dents in your car. Be sure to take the proper safety precautions before handling something like dry ice (for example, wear gloves because direct contact with dry ice can cause damage to your skin). After washing the car, take the dry ice and apply it to the dented area. Repeat as necessary until the dent is gone.

It’s definitely worth knowing some of these fun and easy lifehacks for your car. Remember, keeping your car in good condition means it will likely retain value for longer. That’s important should you ever want a title loan, because the value of your car along with the ability to repay will help determine the loan amount you can get!

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