• Financial Responsibility Series: Saving on Cable

    By mtokhmanian | September 15, 2014

    Remember the days when watching TV was cheap entertainment? Those were the good old days…. Those times are long gone. According to market research company, The NPD Group, cable bills will average $123 per month by 2015. This is a huge increase from just three years ago when consumers paid about $86 per month. I don’t know about you, but we at LoanMart are longing for the days of sitting in front of the TV without spending a fortune to be entertained.

    To that end, we cornered LoanMart remarketing coordinator, Antoine F., and asked him a few questions about how he saves money on cable. He’s been known to frequently boast his money-saving prowess around the office, and there are more than a few of us that have been trapped in his “here’s-what-you’ve-got-to-do-with-your-cable-bill” tracking beam. Needless to say, Antoine was more than happy to share his knowledge with us, and with you!

    LM: What is the best tip you have for saving money on your cable bill?

    AF: Have no loyalty to any cable/satellite company. Go with whichever company gives you the best deal. If they want your business, they will make it work. I’d also identify the channels you watch most frequently and the channels you would be willing to do without. This will help you determine the best package for you. You may be able to downgrade and still get everything you want. Of course it’s also smart to bundle services whenever possible. You will almost always save money.

    LM: How do you negotiate your cable bills?

    AF: Never be afraid to ask for promotional changes in service. A lot of times if the companies feel you may switch, they may offer 3-6 months promotional channels. Also, look for discounts. Sometimes companies offer discounts if you pay directly from your debit or checking account. There are other possible discounts for seniors, AAA members, AARP members and more. The key is to ask. Just be aware of the strings attached – if you upgrade, they may put you into another two-year agreement.

    LM: Do you have any other advice you would share with our readers about how to save money on cable bills?

    AF: Be nice on the phone, and don’t be demanding or pushy. Most often, the operators are willing to help because their scorecards are based on retaining customers rather than losing them.

    If, even after all of Antoine’s tips, you feel like you’re done with cable, try going online. More and more content is being offered through Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. In addition, with a one-time fee for Roku or Apple TV, you’ll have access to many shows and movies.

    Happy vegging out from your friends at LoanMart!

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