• 10 Easy Ways to Save Money: Simple Changes That Can Save Thousands

    By Ashley | April 17, 2014

    Saving money isn’t easy for everyone, but saving is a great way to get ahead and prepare for the expensive things that simply cannot be anticipated. We know that saving money is often a matter of changing the way a person thinks along with fixing how they spend.

    Cutting Costs and Putting More Back in the Wallet

    Sometimes the easiest ways to save money are the things a person wouldn’t even think of. Below are some simple changes a person can make without shaking up a budget too much.

    1. Caffeine Costs – Brew coffee at home and save up to $20 a week.
    2. Cut Cable – Save monthly by cutting cable and utilizing entertainment options that offer a one time payment.
    3. Carpool – Cut transportation costs by up to 75% by carpooling with friends to work or school.
    4. Wash at Home – Save money on dry cleaning bills by learning to wash and press clothing at home.
    5. Refinance – Save up to 16% each year with lower interest rates.
    6. Wash in Cold – Run all your laundry loads in cold water and save on utility costs.
    7. Stop Smoking – Cigarettes cost the average smoker over a thousand dollars a year.
    8. Workout at Home – On average, gym costs hit $55 a month and people can work out from home with a one-time investment in running shoes, a yoga mat or a workout DVD.
    9. Pack a Lunch – It’s great to go out with friends, but not if it’s emptying the wallet. Bring a lunch from home for $15 a week and save 60% when not eating out as often.
    10. Consolidate Debt – Consolidating debt can save more than $2,000 in just one year.

    Helping You When Money is Tight

    Although saving money is a valuable habit, everyone can get into a tight crunch before having a chance to get money built up in their account. For those times when a person is not prepared, consider a Car Title Loan from LoanMart.

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