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How to Throw a Party on a Budget

Just because you aren’t in the best place financially, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy life with your friends. Here are some terrific tips on how you can host a great party on a tight budget:

8 Reasons it is Important to Budget Everything

It can be a rather daunting task these days to get yourself ahead financially to a place you want to be. The rising cost of living and inflation certainly do not help with that. However, one thing that can help you get a bit of a leg up is by budgeti...

5 Things to Avoid So That Your Credit Card Balance Doesn’t Have a Negative Impact on Your Credit Score

If for one reason or another you do not pay back what you owe to the credit card company then that balance will end up having a negative impact on your credit score.

Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Find the right side hustle for you, be it tutoring, running someone else’s errands, or walking your neighbor’s dogs. The possibilities are endless.

6 Secrets About Credit Cards You Didn’t Know About

It is no secret that credit cards and credit card companies can be rather chocked full of secrets of all sorts. Some of these credit card secrets can end up working out in your favor, some of them not so much.

Can You Load Your Cash Loan on a Prepaid Debit Card?

If you only have a prepaid debit card and are wondering can you get cash loans on prepaid debit cards, LoanMart can give you your money in a check so you can!

$2,000 Financial Literacy Awareness Scholarship