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You might have received a payday loan before, thinking it was an easy and convenient way to get yourself a little extra money, only to be extremely disappointed.

But did you know that payday loans almost always come with extremely high interest rates? They also generally have exceptionally short payback terms. This means that when you get a payday loan you are expected to pay back your entire loan within a short period of time, typically 30 days.

Who has the means to pay back an entire loan in just a month? That’s just crazy! You should know that there are other options out there for you.

If you need fast funding but don’t want to deal with sky high interest rates or tiny payback terms, come to LoanMart. LoanMart may get you a fantastic deal on a car title loan and you can enjoy our competitive rates and convenient terms1. Don’t deal with the hassles that come with traditional lenders, choose the lender that is a leader in non-traditional lending—like LoanMart!

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Advantages of LoanMart Car Title Loans

Besides our competitive rates and convenient terms, there are many other advantages to getting a LoanMart car title loan.

We have helped people throughout the United States get through some tough financial times with our car title loans. Check out just a few reasons why people in the U.S. come to LoanMart:

  • High Approval Rate1– you may have been looking into a payday loan because it is possible to get approved with a poor credit score. If you’ve fallen victim to poor credit, don’t waste your time with lenders with high interest rates and brief payback terms. LoanMart has a high approval rate, which means we accept borrowers with a wide range of credit scores every single day!

LoanMart doesn’t really even care about your credit score at all. Instead, LoanMart looks at your ability to repay the loan and the equity of your vehicle when we decide to approve you for a LoanMart car title loan.

  • Customer Support You Can Rely On – LoanMart is here to help set you up for success. When you are approved for your LoanMart car title loan, our team of title loan agents can develop a personal payment plan just for you. Using the famous LoanMart competitive rates and convenient terms, we give you a payment plan you can manage, so paying back your title loan may be a steady, spaced out experience.

Don’t worry about having to stress and scramble just to make a title loan payment. In fact, if you ever find that your current title loan payment plan isn’t working for you anymore, just talk to your LoanMart representative. We will be more than happy to create an entirely new payment plan just to make things more convenient for you.

  • Fast Funding – With LoanMart, you could be spending your title loan money tomorrow3. If you have your information and documents ready to go when you inquire about your LoanMart title loan, the process will go much faster and you could be looking at your money as soon as the next business day3.

Some lenders could make you wait days, or even weeks just to see if you are approved or not, but LoanMart isn’t like that. Instead, we have a fast and efficient process that is designed with you in mind.

  • Keep Your Car – Other types of lending, such as a car pawn loan, require the borrower to give up their car for the duration of the money lending period. LoanMart isn’t here to take your car away, instead we want to empower you with the financial freedom that can come with a car title loan.

When you make your convenient monthly installments, you keep your car to drive every day like your normally would with a LoanMart car title loan.

What are the LoanMart Reviews?

If you are trying something new for the first time, it could be a wise decision to look at what other experienced users are saying about it. If you want to learn more about what LoanMart borrowers think of our company, just check out the awesome LoanMart testimonial page. There you will find some of the personal stories that have been sent to us by our family of customers.

Since 2002, people from varying states throughout the country have received essential financial assistance through LoanMart car title loans. Because we have a high approval rate, we help as many people as we possibly can, and you could be next1!

To get started, just fill out a quick 5-minute information request. Send in some documents to your LoanMart car title loan agent, and then receive your money!

You could be spending your LoanMart car title loan money tomorrow3, so get started on your title loan today!

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