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Securing an online title loan is a good option for many who need to get money quickly. At LoanMart, we work with a variety of people – including those who don’t have a steady income because they’re self-employed, and those that have less-than-perfect credit – to get the right loan product for their needs.

Each car title loan varies from customer to customer. One big factor that helps to make each loan different is the loan term. There are a few things potential borrowers need to consider when it comes to what the time frame of a loan will be.

How Long Does the Borrower Need Money For?

Borrowers should think about what they will use their money for. Do they simply need a little bit of money to get them through a financial emergency? Do they need a sum for a longer period of time?

If they only need the money for a short time, they should consider shortening the time of the loan if they can. This will enable them to pay their loan off faster – which often means they’ll owe less in interest. However, it will mean larger payments since they’re trying to pay off their loan in a short period.

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On the other hand, borrowers don’t want to stretch themselves, especially right after a financial emergency where they needed to get money quickly. They should consider what payment amount they’ll realistically be able to handle on a monthly basis.

Can The Borrower Pay a Loan Off Early?

If a customer is not quite sure how fast they’ll be able to pay off the car title loan that they secured through LoanMart, they may feel more comfortable choosing a longer time frame for the loan. That’s because if they are able to make larger payments than they initially expected, and can pay off their loan early, they are free to do so! We don’t have any prepayment penalties, and customers are welcome to make larger payments than required in order to pay off loans ahead of schedule.

Keep in mind that we encourage our customers to only borrow what they really need. That way, no matter what kind of time frame is selected with a loan, customers won’t need to worry about paying back a loan that exceeded the amount required to fix up the emergency financial situation.

Still not sure what kind of time frame is right? Feel free to contact a LoanMart representative – we’re easy to get in touch with either on the phone or via our online chat and we’d be happy to assist. Additionally, potential borrowers can see if they may qualify for an online title loan on our website. It’s fast and completely free.

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