The Timelines of Different Types of Loans

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Not all loans are made the same, and there’s a reason there are so many different kinds of loan products and services available. This is great news for consumers, as there are many options. This will allow consumers to pick the best type of loan for them and their particular situation.

Additionally, such a variety of financial service providers means consumers also have options if a traditional institution, like a big bank, turns them down for a loan they needed. Lenders like LoanMart are different than big, faceless national banks – and our loans are different, too.

One big factor that makes LoanMart services more appealing to many people is our flexibility. We can design title loans on cars that fit each and every customer’s needs. To see one way this works, let’s consider the timelines of different kinds of loans.

Mortgages and Home Equity Loans

These types of loans are big, bulky, and complicated. The amount of paperwork that comes with them can be overly complex and confusing – and of course, the timelines on mortgages can stretch out for decades! Home equity loans also have very long timelines, and when someone takes out a loan like this they’re putting their home at risk.

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Even with low interest rates, the extremely long timeframe on these types of loans means people could easily pay tens of thousands of dollars in interest (or more!) just because the loan term is stretched out for so long.

Student Loans

Student loan debt is out of control in this country – collectively, we have over $1 trillion dollars in debt from student loans. Part of the reason is the long, drawn-out timeframe of these loans. Much like home loans, student loans can span decades. This means a person could easily be paying interest on the money they borrowed today for twenty years or more.

Title Loans on Cars

Car title loans have much shorter timeframes than almost any other type of loan available from a bank. The process itself is smoother and easier, meaning a borrower, if they qualify, can get the money they need faster. Title loans on cars require less paperwork and with LoanMart representatives, any questions will be answered promptly.

While the monthly payments may look larger than other types of loans, the short timeframe on car title loans means that the borrower won’t be paying interest for very long.

Title loans are simpler and easier to process than any kind of home or student loan. For any car owner looking for something fast, they can see if they might qualify for an auto title loan with LoanMart.

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