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Auto equity loans are like home equity loans. But instead of using the value of your home, you use the value of your vehicle to get a loan. At LoanMart, you may be able to get an auto equity loan on your luxury vehicle1.

But what do you need to qualify for auto equity loans, especially if you’re getting it from a place like LoanMart? To apply for auto equity loans, you’ll need to provide the following to the lender: A vehicle title registered in your name, loan documentation, proof of residency, proof of employment and income, and Comprehension and collision auto insurance coverage.

It’s clear that auto equity loans were made with luxury cars in mind. Luxury cars that you own probably have a higher value than most vehicles. And if you keep up on payments, your luxury auto collection could get you the most cash out of auto equity loans, while also providing even more positive equity into your luxury cars. Not to mention it only makes the buyer wealthier when more value is added to your luxury auto collection based on your equity.

This must be even better news for your luxury auto collection. With all the luxury cars you have, why not invest and get better credit with auto equity loans. We’re sure you can improve your luxury auto collection with a better garage, or maybe even get award- winning designs that will make you the talk in social media and between your closest friends.

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But before you jump the gun with LoanMart and get the best auto equity loans for your luxury auto collection, consider the auto care of your luxury cars such as the need for an auto repair.

Your Luxury Auto Collection Deserves the Best Auto Repair!

When it comes to auto care for the best luxury auto collection, nothing is more important than auto repair. Auto repair is crucial for your luxury auto collection, especially when you are looking to get the highest value in title loans or auto equity loans. Even when following all the possible precautions and tips in auto care, your luxury cars may still suffer from unexpected internal damage such as transmission failure or faulty wiring.

When dealing with any kind of auto repair, follow these tips to ensure the best auto care for your luxury auto collection. This will keep them running great and keep their value up for title loans and auto equity loans.

  • Learn everything about your car: The best luxury auto collection has the smartest owners. Whether auto care or auto repair, knowing what parts of your car do can help you understand what it may need if it breaks down. Plus understanding every nook and cranny of your car will help you communicate better with your mechanic when it comes time for a major auto repair for one of your pieces of your luxury auto collection.
  • With auto repair, don’t ignore anything: If you begin hearing a bump or strange noises coming from your luxury car, don’t ignore it! Ignoring it is the last thing you want to do and can end up costing you more on an auto repair.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions: In the world of auto repair, talking to your mechanic about your luxury auto collection is everything! Ask as many questions as you can to ensure the best choices are made for any auto repair. Also, it doesn’t hurt getting professional advice.

After all this auto repair advice is met, you should consider getting auto equity loans for your luxury auto collection from LoanMart. At LoanMart, we don’t just give title loans and auto equity loans at some of the most competitive rates and deals, we also provide exclusive benefits with our LoanMart Platinum Preferred Loans, which is a must for anyone with a huge luxury auto collection.

LoanMart Platinum: A Great Investment for your Luxury Auto Collection!

LoanMart Platinum Preferred Loans (Auto Equity Loans) is our latest membership that works for the luxury car collector, luxury car owner, or other individuals who love luxury cars as much as we do. We can give you the auto equity loans you need, as well as additional perks1:

  • Priority Phone Number- This comes with direct access to LoanMart management.
  • Platinum service – Cut the line over standard LoanMart customers.
  • Special Funding Privileges: Picked up at any participating money transfer location nearby.
  • Discrete- Call back number with no title loan branded caller ID.
  • Privacy with your references- LoanMart does not call unless you default on payments.
  • Document Removal – Outside of the restrictions from the law, where applicable, your information is removed from our database, after a preset amount of time.
  • Confidential Mail – Our platinum preferred mail does not have title loans or auto equity loans with branding.

With our years of expertise in title loans and auto equity loans, LoanMart can give the best service when it comes to auto equity loans on a luxury auto collection.

As a platinum member, you are the VIP, and you deserve the same treatment and value that your luxury auto collection deserves.